Exhaust Air Plan

An effective ventilation plan that utilises exhaust fans.

Cabinet fan
Ceiling mount ventilating fan

This plan introduces a way to maintain good indoor air quality by constantly exhausting unclean air.

An image map of where the exhaust air fan can be installed in the house with its air flow

Ventilation plans can be customized for a variety of applications

Cabinet fan (low-noise design)

All models are made using galvanized steel, enhancing high durability. The unique suction fan design and acoustic noise-absorbing material allow for a low-noise operation. The high performing induction motor offers low energy consumption, long life and high reliability.

Cabinet fan
An image of how cabinet fan is designed to expel dirty air from the house.

Product models may differ according to country.

Ceiling mount ventilating fan (super low noise)

The distinctive double-chamber structure minimises the transmission of fan and motor noise and motor to the exterior. This technology further reduces operation noise to incredibly low levels that are below 30dB(A), for a tranquil, quiet living environment. 

Ceiling mount ventilating fan
An image of how ceiling-mounted ventilation fan is designed to expel humidity from the house.

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