New Cooling Idea for Air Conditioners

Much like the Japanese fan, the Japanese need more than just a convenient way to cool themselves. Panasonic, a Japanese manufacturer with a history in air conditioner development for over 60 years, went in search of even higher quality comfort in order to create a completely new air conditioner.

Cool Down People in a Comfortable Way

The main role of an air conditioner is to generate cool air to lower the temperature in the entire room. However, sometimes the air conditioner creates a problem by blowing excessively cold air directly onto someone’s body. This disadvantage was where Panasonic focused and they began working on a new cooling method that could do direct cooling, but also cool the room without a direct current. Development tips were in nature.

Breakthrough with Scientific Evidence

Why is it cool when you enter a cave? It’s because the ceiling and walls are at lower temperature than your body so it pulls the heat out of you through radiant cooling. Panasonic set its sights there.

Prof. Naoshi Kakitsuba (Department of Environmental Science and Technology, Meijo University, Japan)

In order to go from pen and paper to a fledged out design, Panasonic looked to the cooperation of Professor Kakitsuba of Meijo University, who is an expert on air conditioning. He looked into the benefits of radiant cooling, which provides overall a more comfortable environment like that of a cave. Through his insight, Panasonic put the blowing port at the top of the air conditioner and aimed the airflow upwards, chilling the wall and ceiling, and tried to slowly sap the heat from a person’s body while also being able to do direct cooling with a Multidirectional Arm.

Under his supervision, Panasonic also gathered data through a variety of tests. Based on this data, they tried different shapes, angles, and movements of the top flap to more uniformly cool an entire room. The result was the best mechanism that is scientifically proven and the SKY Series was created and released in many places all over Asia.

Consistent Commitment for Comfortable Cooling


Japan’s uncompromising spirit in improved air conditioning was behind the development of the SKY Series. The indirect cooling of the SKY Series not only provides comfortable coolness for users who are likely to feel too cold from direct wind like children and the elderly, but it can also prevent dry skin. Panasonic will continue to provide even better air conditioning.

Introduction to the SKY SERIES