Air Conditioning Tips that Keep You Healthy


1. Change the Air Inside and Outside

People are likely to shut the windows all day; especially in a hot season in order not to let the cold air from an air conditioner get out. However, the air goes bad due to carbon dioxide emitted by breathing. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the air inside and outside once a day at least.

2. Refrain from Cooling Too Much

Sensible temperatures differ depending on age, sex, and body type. Even though air conditioners are prone to be ON all the day, it might be too cold for some family members. There is a Japanese saying “Cooling too much invites many diseases.” It is recommended that you care about the frequency of your air conditioner usage or choose a high-tech air conditioner that prevents over cooling.

3. Keep the Humidity in a Room

People in a dry room are more likely to get sick compared to ones in a room with enough humidity since viruses become active and prevalent in dry conditions. It is recommended that you keep the humidity in your room by boiling water or using a humidifier when you feel the room is getting dry.


Is it the uplifting feeling of a cool gentle breeze?
Or is it the exhilarating blast of cool air on a hot day?

Experience cooling comfort inspired by nature with Panasonic SKY Series and AERO Series.


Perfect Cooling for You

For the perfect cooling experience, Panasonic Air Conditioners are designed to deliver comfort through direct cooling and indirect cooling.


Cools you fast with powerful and concentrated cool air at start up.

SKYWING angles downwards to deliver powerful airflow at start up.

AEROWINGS’ twin flaps angle downwards to deliver concentrated airflow to cool you instantly at startup.


Cools you gently after reaching the set temperature by cooling your surroundings.

After reaching the set temperature, SKYWING angles upwards to direct cool air towards ceiling and walls, spreading cool air evenly throughout the room.

AEROWINGS angles upwards to spread cool air over a wider area, then showers down gently and evenly across the room after reaching the set temperature.

1 SKYWING is an innovative top flap that can better direct cool air towards the ceiling.
2 AEROWINGS are flexible twin flaps that can direct and concentrate airflow to cool an area effectively.

Introduction to the SKY SERIES