Kobe Beef, Gourmet's Peak

Kobe beef, a special breed of Japanese beef

"Kobe beef" is highly valued worldwide because of the smooth and natural sweetness of its red, low fat meat which melts at human body temperature. Behind its exquisite taste, the secret of this meat is in quality control of breeders that has to meet rigid examination standards, said to be the most severe of all Japanese beef. The ratio of consumed Kobe beef in Japan is only about 0.16% among all Japanese beef. Kobe beef is the cornerstone of gourmet produced by the Japanese’s uncompromising stance on quality.

Natural Environment Creating Inimitable Meat

The birthplace of "Kobe beef" is Tajima district within the mountains in northern Hyogo Prefecture. With soft pastures and mineral-rich water in this region, inimitable meat quality beef can be made. However, in order to truly draw out the full flavor of the beef, the constant care of cattle raisers is essential day in and day out.

365 Days Breeding without Compromise

Compared to other cattle, "Kobe beef" is sensitive since they are produced without introducing other bloodlines that would dilute the purebreds. The breeders pay attention to the health of the cows all the time, refrain from feeding them raw grass, give nutritionally conscious mixed feed, and only give them clean water. Breeders take their work seriously and face every day as a challenge.

Thorough Quality Inspection


Actually, no cow is born as "Kobe beef". Cows born in the Tajima district are raised through careful breeding. After being slaughtered, they undergo various examinations at specialized institutions and the cows that pass them are called "Tajima beef". Among "Tajima beef", only cows that meet the strictest conditions are given the title of "Kobe beef" and are bestowed with a crest of "Nojigiku", which is a distinction from other meats.

Visit a Kobe-Certified Store


This photo is the famous Japanese Kobe beef restaurant, Kawamura, located in Kobe. There are not so many stores that provide Kobe beef since they have to receive an official certificate from the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association regardless of their location, Japan or abroad. To find Kobe beef in your country, please check the website (http://www.kobe-niku.jp/shop/?lang=1) to see a location near you.

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