Food Storage at Its Peak

Panasonic Premium Refrigerator

As you can see, there is an uncompromising commitment to taste in Kobe beef. However, the beef always has to reside in the refrigerators of each household before hitting the consumers tongue. During that brief gap, trust in Panasonic’s dedication to keep your food at the peak of freshness.

The Freezer-Fridge Dilemma

“Should I put it in the fridge? Or maybe the freezer.” They both have their good and bad points. Because the temperature of the fridge is higher, freshness tends to fall after three days. On the other hand, freezing food in the freezer can preserve things for about a month, but the temperature is too low and it damages the structure of fresh food. Inspired by Japan’s insistence on freshness, Panasonic developed technology to solve this dilemma and installed it into their newest refrigerators.

Delivers True Freshness

Panasonic’s answer to preserving the freshness of food is a compartment called Prime Fresh. Prime Fresh is a part of the refrigerator that keeps food at a steady -3℃ using Panasonic’s unique sensing and temperature control technologies. The temperature is between that of a general fridge and freezer to keep the food semi-frozen. This makes it possible to preserve the freshness of food for about a week. While locking in the freshness, it avoids tissue deterioration of meat and fish which are likely to occur if frozen.

The Added Bonus of Easy Cooking

In addition, because it is semi-frozen, knives pass through without thawing -an excellent addition that reduces cooking time. It can be said Panasonic refrigerator is an indispensable ally that helps deliver delicious, fresh food to the table in a minimal time.

Three Pillars of the Japanese Spirit

Japan has many unique virtues such as handling food ingredients with great care and paying attention to one's peers. The cherished spirit of the Japanese is hidden inside Panasonic’s high quality refrigerators. Panasonic offers better life through Japan Quality refrigerators with premium Bottom Freezer.


Found in “Washoku”, Japanese Food Culture

Since ancient times, Japanese have used seasonal ingredients and insisted on freshness. Today, Japanese food culture “Washoku” is well known for its healthy and delicious form of gourmet culture. Panasonic refrigerators have functions that allow the customer to eat the freshest possible foods, such as Prime Fresh.

User Friendly

Found in “Omotenashi”, Japanese Hospitality

The unique Japanese concept of hospitality, which gives careful consideration to others, is recognized worldwide as “Omotenashi”. The hospitality is found throughout Panasonic refrigerators. The Bottom Freezer lets you easily see the contents of the freezer compartment from above, and makes it easy to organize them. The freezer is also large and designed to access easily for complete user friendliness.

Smart Cooling

Found in “Mottainai”, Japanese Effective Utilization of Resources

The Japanese pride themselves on the preservation of natural resources so as not to waste them. This virtue is seen in a Japanese word, “Mottainai” and is built into every smart cooling feature of Panasonic’s refrigerators. The two energy-saving functions, ECONAVI and INVERTER, minimize the use of electricity all the while keeping your food fresh and safe.