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Clean your washing machine tub without hassle

Image for Panasonic washing machine’s tub cleaning

Clean your washing machine tub without hassle

Black mould fungus often spores in the washing tub that you use every day, and they are constantly looking for opportunities to grow. With Tub Cleaning, it suppresses the growth of black mould and supports more hygienic laundry washing.

Image of black moulds that thrive in dark and humid places

Black mould thrives in dark and humid places

Black mould prefers dark and humid environment, so the washing machine tub is the perfect place for them to grow.
The tub may look clean, but there are small amount of undissolved detergent residues, which will serve as food nutrition for black mould, allowing them to grow even faster. If you ever notice a strange odour from the washing tub, or any black or brown residue on washed laundry, these are signals of black mould which are harmful to your health.

Hidden areas that are stained and difficult to clean

The laundry machine has an inner tub and an outer tub. We usually see only the inside of the inner tub which contain our laundry, but not the outer layer. This is where we are not able to reach and clean by hands. Detergent build up and other residue are commonly hidden in this area, allowing for the growth of black mould.

This is why Panasonic has introduced the Tub Cleaning function, to clean the hidden parts of the washing machine with the power of rapidly-moving water.

Image of Panasonic’s washing machine tub
Image of easy and effective tub cleaning

Tub Cleaning made easy and effective

With Tub Cleaning function, the washing machine pumps up water from below through high speed rotation of the inner tub, and vigorous centrifugal water flow to clean the tub. The water reaches areas inside of the outer tub where detergent residue is likely to remain, thoroughly rinsing away detergent build up and other residue to keep your tub clean and hygienic.

“Why does it still smell so bad when I have washed it well.”

Laundry that should have been washed clean, but somehow still developed an unpleasant odour…

While there are multiple causes for such odours, you can reduce the washing tub’s musty smell by suppressing the growth of mould using Tub Cleaning.

Image of bath towels
Image of a mother taking care of baby while working at home

Time-Saving Tub Cleaning for Busy Families

For working parents with kids, cleaning the washing machine without an automatic tub cleaning function can be time consuming.

Panasonic’s Tub Cleaning function cleans automatically to prevent mould growth, keeping your washing machine in optimal condition, so you can always wash your laundry in a hygienic tub hassle-free.

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