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How to get rid of invisible bacteria on family’s laundry?

Image for Panasonic washing machine’s Blue Ag+ with 99.99% bacteria elimination

How to get rid of invisible bacteria on family’s laundry?

Blue Ag+ technology eliminates bacteria and provides a powerful anti-bacterial effect with UV light and Ag ions during the regular wash cycle, without the use of hot water.

Image of silver items

The secret of Ag ions

Since ancient times, European royalty and the Aristocrats have cherished the use of silver tableware and cutlery. The reason for using these silver products is not merely due to aesthetic, but it has been empirically demonstrated that silver ions dissolved in water prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. One important point to note is that modern researchers have also confirmed the intense anti-bacterial power of silver ions through numerous experiments.

Maximising the sanitising effect with combination of UV light

Panasonic has succeeded in generating hydroxyl radicals with a higher anti-bacterial effect, by irradiating silver ions with UV light. Hydryoxyl radicals are extremely safe and reliable, because they remove bacteria using the same mechanism as does the human immune system. Moreover, to further ensure safety among the three types of ultraviolet light, we use UV-A, which has no adverse effects on the human body.

Clothes are hung outside to dry under the sun
Image of how Blue Ag+ functions

How Blue Ag+ works

Blue Ag+ technology is equipped in most of Panasonic’s front loading washing machines. Water passes through the Ag+ device, landing the Ag ions (silver ions) on clothes. The clothes are then irradiated with UV light to eliminate bacteria without the use of hot water.

Eliminates 99.99%*¹ of Bacteria

Even when laundry looks clean, invisible bacteria can remain deep inside the fabric fibres, and continue to multiply when the fabric is dry. Blue Ag+ is certified to eliminate up to 99.99%*¹ of bacteria.*²

*1 Certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories (Test report:19085536001-0201)
*2 Effective for loads up to 3kg.

Image of bacteria being eliminated by Blue Ag+
Colored shirts in hangers

Minimises clothing shrinkage and discolouration

When clothes are washed in hot water, they may shrink or fade in colour. Reduce these negative effects by washing your laundry in room temperature.

Blue Ag+ technology minimises shrinkage and colour-fading to ensure a longer lifespan of your valued clothings, such as business outfits, baby clothing, and items with decorative buttons or fringes.

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