An image that shows that nanoe™ X is hydroxyl radicals contained in water
How nanoe™ X works
How nanoe™ X works
How nanoe™ X works

Expanding nanoe™ X—24/7,
anytime, anywhere.

In their 115 food stores in Spain, Family Ametller set a priority on a pleasant environment for employees and customers to have a comfortable #shopping experience. Because the fresh products are not stored in #refrigeration, the indoor #airquality at room temperature was a central aspect in their choice of climatization. The high efficiency of the Panasonic premium range with nanoe™ X technology, which they promote through stickers in the #shop windows to show they have taken measures to improve protection and comfort for their customers, performs to meet the needs.

With its capacity to inhibit certain viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odours among other benefits, the nanoe™ X technology incorporated into #heatpumps suited the requirements of the Official Medical Board & Association in Barcelona. The new office was designed to be an inviting place for the doctors, and the climatization solution with nanoe™ X plays a key part.
Elena Basard, specialist doctor for COVID-19, wanted to have an installation that was in accordance with the Spanish regulation with a good mechanical #ventilation and with the proper daily cleaning methods. The #Panasonic technology was installed to improve the indoor air with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals which she is satisfied with.

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nanoe™ X—
technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals

Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit pollutants. nanoe™ X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors, helping keep hard surfaces, soft furnishings and the whole indoor environment clean, and making it a more pleasant place to be.

An illustration showing the structure of hydroxyl radicals that are the source of nanoe™ X effects. The fact that a huge volume of hydroxyl radicals contained in water is generated is key.

A key point is that hydroxyl radicals, produced by nanoe™ X technology, are contained in water.

A: Hydroxyl radicals
B: Electrostatic
C: Contained in water (H2O)

A naturally occurring process

Hydroxyl radicals are unstable molecules that readily react with elements like hydrogen, capturing them. Thanks to this reaction, hydroxyl radicals have the potential to inhibit the activity of pollutants, breaking them down and neutralising their unpleasant effects.

An illustration of a hydroxyl radical looking for a hydrogen atom
An illustration of the hydroxyl radical removing a hydrogen atom from another molecule

What happens to substances that have lost hydrogen atoms?

An image of nanoe™ X reaching the source of an odour embedded in a fabric

nanoe™ X reaches odours embedded in fabrics.

An image of hydroxyl radicals contained in nanoe™ X removing hydrogen atoms from the odour-causing substance

Hydroxyl radicals inhibit odour-causing substances.

An image of the fabric deodorised as a result of the odour-causing substance losing its hydrogen

Fabrics are deodorised.

nanoe™ X improves protection 24/7,
to increase customer satisfaction


An image showing that maintenance is not required for the nanoe™ X generator since it is made of titanium

The nanoe™ X device requires no maintenance as its atomisation electrode is enveloped with water during its generation process and it is made of titanium. The nanoe™ X Generator makes it easier for you to keep your business environment clean.

Effective against adherent odours

An image showing that nanoe™ X is effective against odours embedded in fabrics such as on hotel beds, and the entire room is kept clean

nanoe™ X particles penetrate deep into fabrics to inhibit certain bacteria that adhere to chairs and minimise odours. Continuous use of nanoe™ X can mitigate the deterioration of fabrics. Even after checkout, you can keep the air in the guest room cleaner by continuing to circulate nanoe™ X with fan mode. (Energy consumption of 25W/h*)
*Varies by model

Effective on adherent viruses

An image showing that nanoe™ X is effective against viruses adhered to elevator operation panels

nanoe™ X is effective not only against certain airborne viruses, but also certain viruses attached to things you often touch, such as doorknobs, tables, and chairs.

Safety of nanoe™ X is confirmed

Your body is cleansed by breathing. Your home can be cleansed by nanoe™ X.

Your body is cleaned by breathing.
Your home can be cleaned by nanoe™ X.

Human beings produce hydroxyl radicals in our bodies through the respiration process, and take advantage of their pollutant-inhibiting characteristics to clean the inside of our bodies. nanoe™ X generates 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals contained in water per second, which is just one 500 thousandth of what human beings produce.

nanoeTM  technology simply brings this balance of nature indoors.

nanoeTM X is nanoscale particle ions contained in water. Made from water, it is natural. Safety tests are verified as below.

Test purpose

Test name

Testing organisation

Impact on chromosomes

Chromosome abnormality test using cultured cells

Japan Bioassay Research Center
(Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant facility)

Impact on respiratory organs

Repeated administration toxicity test

Life Science Research Laboratory
(Institution registered with the Cause Investigation Institution Network)

Toxicological and carcinogenic impact

Chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity combined test

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

Impact on DNA

Comet assay

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

Impact on male and female fertility
and unborn children

Simplified reproductive toxicity test

Food and Drug Safety Center, Hatano Research Institute
 (GLP-compliant facility)

The effects of nanoe™ X
have been recognised by experts

A photo of Professor Masahiro Sakaguchi

Prof. Masahiro Sakaguchi

Azabu University
School of Veterinary Medicine
Laboratory of Veterinary Microbiology I

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