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Air Purifier nanoe™ X Generator F-GPT01A

RM 599.00



Portable nanoe™ X Generator

With a compact design like a coffee tumbler, this model emits nanoe™ X to clean the air around you.
  • nanoe™ X
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RM 599.00


Air Purification with nanoe™ X

A nanoe™ is a fine (5 to 20nm) water particle containing many hydroxyl radicals. A nanoe™ device releases these water particles to effectively inhibit viruses, bacteria, odours and allergens. nanoe™ X technology can bring these incredible benefits indoors so that hard surfaces, soft furnishings, and the indoor environment can be a cleaner and pleasant place to be.

*The content of this page is specific to residents of Malaysia.

Air Purification with nanoe™ X

7 Benefits of nanoe™ X

• Inhibit airborne and adhered bacteria, viruses • Inhibit airborne and adhered mould • Inhibit major allergens
• Inhibit pollens • Inhibit hazardous substances known to be found in PM2.5 • Eliminating odours • Moisturized skin, straighter and sleeker hair
* These claims are specific to the Malaysia
7 Benefits of nanoe™ X

Portable & Lightweight

With the compact size of a coffee tumbler, the nanoe™ X Generator F-GPT01AKM is perfect for placement in various environments without taking up much space. A weight of only 0.4kg makes it easy to carry around.
Portable & Lightweight

Easy Operation

Clean air at your fingertips. nanoe™ X will be released by simply pressing the power button on top of the nanoe™ X Generator.
Easy Operation

Easy to feed power at any time

The nanoe™ X Generator can be used conveniently with USB charging ports, laptops, computers and power banks.
Easy to feed power at any time



  • Color: Black: F-GPT01AKMBlack
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  • Color: Red: F-GPT01ARMRed
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Estimated applicable volume*: 3m³

Air volume: 0.07m³/min

nanoe™ X

Consumption: 3.5W

Power cord: 1.5m type C USB

Applicable Area m²(ft²) 3 (-) 3 (-)
Dimensions (mm) 170 x 90 x 66 (H) (TOP) (BASE) 170 x 90 x 66 (H) (TOP) (BASE)
Weight (kg) 0.4 0.4
Air Volume (m³/min) 0.07 0.07
Power Consumption (W) 3.5 3.5
Noise (dB[A]) 36 36