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Camic Higashi Tokyo

Using Ziaino will inhibit bacteria growth on inspection equipment

Our hospital, which is an animal medical examination center, uses the latest CT and MRI equipment to examine and diagnose animals referred by veterinary and university hospitals. Because we are always responding to emergencies that prevent us from closing our hospital, we decided to start using the ziainoTM to help managing the health of our staff. We have been using hypochlorous acid for hygiene management in places such as cages for a long time, and are well aware of its effectiveness. The ziainoTM safely controls concentrations of hypochlorous acid and we hope it will enable us to perform sterilization while inhibiting bacteria that adhere to surfaces. After all, our staff is worried about operating inspection equipment and computers with hands that have touched animals. After starting to use it, we could sense its deodorizing effect. Even after examining animals who give off a strong animal odor, those odors are less likely to remain.
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No. of units installed: Camic overall: 5 units; Camic Higashi Tokyo: 1 unit
Prefecture: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Operator: Camic Co., Ltd.

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