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Group Home Nakayama Chidori

We realized the effects after starting use

At care facilities, the risk of infectious diseases increases year on year. For this reason, we at Shinei Fukushikai are making diligent efforts to take countermeasures, such as by actively investing in our facilities. We had heard that wiping surfaces with hypochlorous acid was effective, and wondered if we could start doing so without increasing the burden placed on our staff. It was then that we were introduced to the ziainoTM and immediately started using it. We use the ziainoTM in parts of our group home during the winter and have noticed effects only in areas where it is installed. We are currently planning to introduce more units.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 3 units (F-JDJ50-W)
Prefecture: Hyogo Prefecture
Operator: Shinei Fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation

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