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Comfortable homes with enhanced
indoor air quality

Comfortable homes with enhanced indoor air quality

Actual show unit photo of MIRAI Residences.

MIRAI Residences
Location: Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
Client: MKH Property Ventures Sdn. Bhd.

MKH Property Ventures Sdn. Bhd., a joint venture company established in 2018 by MKH Berhad and
Panasonic Homes Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. from Panasonic Homes Group. This collaboration leverages
MKH Berhad's know-how in the real estate development business coupled with PanaHome's
technology, construction expertise, and ideas for quality living to build sustainable homes.

One of the notable projects under this partnership is the MIRAI Residences in Kajang 2, Selangor. It is a
Japanese-inspired tranquil living space boasting a 24-hour 6 tier security system and a 159,000 sqft facilities
podium. MIRAI Residences integrates 4 unique values into its interior design concept – Lifestyle, Function,
Future & Design. The Lifestyle value refers to the interior aspect of a living space which includes colours
and materials tailored to the current lifestyle of young adults, while the Function value gives each space a
well thought-out functionality to perform daily actions. The Future value of interior design anticipates the
household’s needs, envisioning space for both now and into the future. Finally, the Design value improves
the space by making the living space multifunctional and by promoting good air quality while aesthetically
pleasant to be in.

Challenge: Creating Comfortable Living Spaces with Quality Air

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of how the wellness of a building can help to promote better health and the wellbeing of its occupants. MKH Property Venture Sdn. Bhd. recognizes this trend and acknowledges the importance of having quality indoor air. Together, they want to enhance the wellness feature of their development to provide residences with a comfortable indoor environment safe for everyday living with improved air quality and sustainable energy solutions.

Challenge: Creating Comfortable Living Spaces with Quality Air

Actual show unit photo of MIRAI Residences. MIRAI Residences provides comfortable and safe living with improved indoor air quality.

Solutions & Technology Applied

To meet their objectives, MKH Property Venture Sdn. Bhd. equipped all the units of MIRAI Residences with Panasonic’s air quality solutions to bring better living spaces to homeowners through optimum ventilation and quality indoor air. MIRAI Residences is the first residential property in Malaysia to provide Quality Air for Life (QAFL) with the efficient Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) system.

Panasonic’s ERV system provides ample ventilation in homes to ensure an optimal amount of fresh air indoors all day long while exhausting stale air, moisture, and indoor pollutants. The system is equipped with a high-efficiency PM2.5 filter to keep fine particles out of the indoor environment. The simultaneous process of supplying and exhausting indoor air via the ERV system allows heat and humidity to be exchanged, providing cooler air indoors and reducing the workload of air conditioners to cool the space, thus helping homeowners to save on electricity and costs.

Every unit in MIRAI Residences is installed with Panasonic nanoe™ X air conditioners to provide residents a comfortable, cooling, and healthy living space with purified air. The air conditioners are also embedded with a network adaptor, providing convenience to control the air conditioner from anywhere via Panasonic Comfort Cloud App. This feature also enables homeowners to switch on nanoe™ mode even without cooling operation to actively clean the air and inhibit pollutants when they are away.

Solutions & Technology Applied

Actual show unit photo of MIRAI Residences. Quality air in every living space.

Solutions & Technology Applied

Actual show unit photo of MIRAI Residences. Air conditioner installed in every unit of MIRAI Residences.

Panasonic nanoe™ X technology offers the benefits of hydroxyl radicals (also known as OH radicals) contained in water which has the capacity to inhibit bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants as well as deodorise odours. The nano-sized particles of nanoe™ X allow for deep penetration into soft furnishings like fabric, sofas, and carpets. nanoe™ technology is proven to effectively inhibit more than 99%* of novel coronavirus.

MIRAI Residences also adopted Panasonic PURETECH air filtration and ventilation system to filter out polluted air, haze, pollen and dust as well as smaller particles such as PM2.5. The system also effectively maintains good air flow and circulation of natural cool air to keep the living space naturally cool and clean.

“From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that a well-ventilated indoor space was critical in helping reduce the risk of exposure to the virus, especially over a prolonged period. Panasonic’s nanoe™ X technology is a natural choice for us to address the demands for comfortable homes with better indoor air quality in the new normal,” said MKH Bhd. Group Managing Director, Tan Sri Eddy Chen Lok Loi.

Products installed:
Wall-mounted air conditioner (2,992 units)

*Based on Panasonic verification test in collaboration with the Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC), the virus titers of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and its four variants (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta) were compared in a 45-liter test space with and without exposure to nanoe™. As a result, the test confirmed an inhibitory effect of more than 99% on all five types of viruses after two hours of exposure. Note that the verification results are based on the test in a closed test environment and not in a space actually in use.

Note : Ventilation solutions are currently not available in Singapore. Please drop us an enquiry on recommended partner brands.

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