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Long-term Health Care Facility Shunkiso

Improves our work environment by reducing odors and expected to be effective for sterilization measures

We had been considering using equipment to reduce odors peculiar to elderly facilities and as a sterilization measure. We then chose the ziainoTM because we had heard that it can be effective even in wide areas such as hallways. Immediately after installing, we noticed that odors had disappeared, which surprised all our staff. Such an environmental improvement is great not only for residents but also for employees. Because the addition of water to the ziainoTM has been included in our operational flow, it is not a burden. Because inhibiting airborne bacteria is not as easy as wiping a table with disinfectant, we are hoping that use of the ziainoTM will alleviate some of our concerns.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 3 units (F-JDJ50-W)
Prefecture: Tochigi Prefecture
Operator: Shinkikai Social Welfare Corporation

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