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Matsuoka Nursery School

Reducing costs while enhancing parents' sense of security

"Living a healthy and safe life" has been one of our childcare goals since our school was established in 1974. We have always paid close attention to hygiene management. Thanks to this, some people who grew up as healthy children at our nursery school now bring their own children here. Considering that the infants we care for will put anything into their mouths, we currently dilute hypochlorite water and use it to wipe down all the toys at our school. This can be tedious and costly. We then learned about the ziainoTM as a result of its use at a local child-rearing support center called "Pocket". At this center, which brings together preschoolers and their mothers, the ziainoTM was popular for its sterilization effects and enhanced the parents' sense of security. We are satisfied with how easy it is to just add salt tablets to the water, as well as with its cost reduction effects.
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No. of units installed: 1 unit
Prefecture: Shizuoka Prefecture
Operator: Social Welfare Corporation, Iwamatsu Ikuei Welfare Association

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