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Medical Corporation Seihokai Sato Hospital

Added units thanks to our satisfaction with its sterilization and deodorization effects

Our hospital is the successor of Sato Clinic, which was opened by my father in this once doctorless village. Currently, we operate a long-term health care facility, a care home, group home, and day care, all centered around Sato Hospital. In 2018, we started using one ziainoTM unit in our long-term health care facility in anticipation of its sterilization effects. Although we had been proactive on our sterilization measures even before starting to use of the ziainoTM, such as by spraying with a liquid that touted its sterilization effects, we are very satisfied with the effects of the ziainoTM. We installed one on each of our three floors. After starting to use it, some visitors have commented on how they don't notice the smell anymore. In 2019, we also installed a unit in the waiting room of the hospital as a sterilization measure for outpatients.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 4 units
Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture
Operator: Medical Corporation Seihokai

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