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Medical Corporation Yujinkai Hyakumanben Clinic

Use in locations such as reception areas

The Takeda Hospital Group has about 20 medical facilities, with our hospital being one of them. We have an orthopedics department, a breast oncology center, an internal medicine department, and a radiology department. We have installed two ziainoTM in locations such as our reception areas. Although ziainoTM are being used throughout the Takeda Hospital Group, in the case of our hospital, I feel that odors have disappeared. The fact that there is no chlorine odor in the air is proof of how clean it is. This is helpful since some patients are sensitive to odors. Also, maintenance is not a burden on the staff, and it is clean in itself just like the air.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 2 units (118 units used by the group overall)
Prefecture: Kyoto Prefecture
Operator: Medical Corporation Yujinkai

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