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Olympus Corporation Utsugi Facility

Usage in training facilities to sterilize surface-adhered bacteria

Our company is currently developing businesses in three fields: medical, science, and video. Of these, our gastroenterological endoscope business enjoys the top share globally. Our Education Management Department has opened a training facility in this area that also serves as a technology development base, and which is responsible for the education of employees nationwide. Because training is performed over many hours, and because many of the exercises we perform require the sharing of teaching materials, we always pay attention to sterilization measures. We started using the ziainoTM to further strengthen these measures. We evaluated areas in which we can expect to inhibit both surface-adhered and airborne bacteria. Because the ziainoTM only needs to be filled with water supply once in the morning, it does not interfere with training. Also, it provides peace of mind to individuals who are reluctant to leave their homes. Because the training environment has a great influence on learning, it is our goal to continue providing a comfortable environment.
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No. of units installed: 7 units
Prefecture: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Operator: Olympus Corporation

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