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Pasona Group "JOB HUB SQUARE"

Enabling employees to work in a healthy and lively manner

The Pasona Group is working to create a richer life for people, and is developing comprehensive human resource services such as worker dispatch services, referral services, and education/training services. Our headquarters building, "JOB HUB SQUARE", opened in July 2017 to serve as our new base of operations. We had used the ziainoTM at our previous offices for the purpose of sterilization, which is where we realized its effect. At our new building where our Group companies are gathered, we have installed ziainoTM units not only in our offices, but also at our in-house nursery centers, relaxation salons, and health promotion offices. As our office has moved and the number of our employees working together has increased, we have increased expectations that the effects of ziainoTM will enable all employees to work hard while staying healthy.
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No. of units installed: 40 units
Prefecture: Tokyo Metropolitan Area
Operator: Pasona Inc.

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