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Private Care Facility Irohani Day Service Center Anzuki

Introduced the ziainoTM with the aim of eliminating odors

This facility is the facility operated by A's Inc. We have always had the goal of eliminating odors, for which, in addition to cleaning, we have actively used equipment in spaces where our elderly residents gather and live. Anticipating its deodorization and sterilization effects, we started using the ziainoTM at the same time as three other facilities when our facility opened in November 2016. Some of the other facilities have been open for a long time, and they had been slightly concerned about odors before they started using the ziainoTM. However, those concerns no longer exist. The quietness of the ziainoTM and the ease with which salt tablets can be added are popular with staff.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 2 units
Prefecture: Gunma Prefecture
Operator: A's Inc.

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