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Private Care Facility SJR Oita

Enhances residents' sense of security and trust

Our facility is a residential private care facility with many residents who can live independently. The JR Kyushu Group strives to provide a comfortable residential experience and environment based around safety, and bolstered by its comprehensive strength and track record of success in the long-term care business. We have installed seven ziainoTM units on the floors of our facility used for dining and day services in order to take advantage of its sterilization and deodorization effects. In addition to enhancing aspects of our facility such as the building itself, we also consider it important to enhance aspects such as hygiene management and comfort, and in that respect are satisfied with the deodorization effects of the ziainoTM. Also, when near the ziainoTM, it gives off a slight smell that would appear to have a sterilization effect, which possibly provides a sense of security and reliability to our residents and their families.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 7 units
Prefecture: Oita Prefecture
Operator: JR Kyushu Senior Life Support Company

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