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Takahashi Veterinary Hospital

Enhancing our busy treatment system for the sake of animals

Staff such as veterinarians and nurses support our hospital's system of medical care. We started using the ziainoTM in order to sterilize spaces of our hospital during the winter months in Hokkaido, when the air becomes dryer due to our underfloor heaters. This is not only for the sake of humans, but also animals. Although there are other sterilization devices that use hypochlorous acid, the ziainoTM does not require the need to dilute a concentrated solution. Furthermore, we chose the ziainoTM due to its low running costs and because it is effective. We are using three units, which we move between various rooms such as the waiting room, offices, and conference room depending on the time of day.
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No. of units installed: 3 units
Prefecture: Hokkaido
Operator: Sapporo Veterinary Care Center, Takahashi Veterinary Hospital

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