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Umi Hachikyo

A lively shop with energetic staff!

We serve dishes using seafood of from Hokkaido's Rausu region. The liveliness of our staff is another one of our selling points. For example, when serving "tsukko rice", which is a dish made from famous salmon roe served in a bowl of rice, our shop becomes lively with loud shouts. We can only provide that if our 50 employees are healthy. If our throats hurt, we can't keep our shop lively. Even though we have started using ziainoTM at each of our three shops, we have never heard of anyone being concerned that it smells like a pool. Many of our customers have taken an interest and our staff have been surprised to hear comments from those of our customers who are doctors regarding its effects.
*Comments are based on personal impressions.

No. of units installed: 3 unit
Prefecture: Hokkaido
Operator: Umi Hachikyo

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