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Using an air conditioner: the best temperature settings for every room in your home

Deciding the best air-conditioning temperature for every need and occasion in your home

Discover the optimal air-conditoning temperature settings to suit each need and occasion in your home, as well as your ideal air conditioner.

The best temperature for restful, uninterrupted sleep

To get the most restful sleep, it is recommended that you set your air conditioner temperature between 24 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Experts recommend thinking of your room as a cave: dark, quiet and cool. Panasonic's air conditioner cools your room with minimal temperature fluctuations as you slumber, while Panasonic's nanoe™ X technology keeps the air clean.

The best temperature for restful, uninterrupted sleep
The best temperature for a social get-together

The best temperature for a social get-together

Nothing dampens the spirit of a party like a stuffy room. Don't let your guests breathe in stale air – Panasonic’s air conditioners keep your party fresh, cool and comfortable.

Even though the recommended temperature for  your living room is 25.5 degrees Celsius, this may vary depending on the number of people present. Panasonic's inverter air conditioners are able to automatically vary the rotation speed of the compressor to maintain a set temperature in the room for constant comfort.

The best temperature for family meals

For dining areas, the recommended temperature setting is 25.5 degrees Celsius. Panasonic’s XU Series air conditioners are equipped with iAUTO-X that provides 25%* faster cooling, allowing you to relish the cooling comfort instantly, even on a scorching hot day. This feature can also be reactivated whenever the room is getting warmer due to the increase of occupants in it, keeping your guests comfortable at all times.

Lingering odours, such as that of food and tobacco, can be unpleasant. With Panasonic's nanoe™ X technology, fine particle ions of hydroxyl radicals are generated to not only neutralise odours in the air, but also deodorise the smells on the clothes you wear!

The best temperature for family meals
The best air conditioner for a conducive learning space

The best temperature for family meals for conducive learning and work productivity

Aiming for great focus to study or work? Set the air conditioner temperature at 24.5 degrees Celsius! Research shows that students who took tests in a room at 24.5 degrees Celsius fared better than those who did so in a warmer room.

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