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Smartphones and tablets are used to control air conditioning in stores and factories; image of the Smart Connection & Control Solution


Panasonic’s connectivity solution is
ideal for business owners facing air conditioning challenges.

Laptop and smiling woman; image of reduced utility costs and electricity savings

Reduce utility costs and save power.

A male customer smiles as he receives coffee from a female waiter; image of a clean-air environment

Eliminate airborne issues including mold odours and lingering viruses. Creating a comfortable environment for your customers.

Woman operating HVAC system with smartphone; image of Failure Prediction Function

Identify and address early warning signs of poor air quality and air conditioning system features before they become a larger problem.

Control Systems for Business Owner

Panasonic provides a range of intelligent connectivity and control solutions for both consumer and business applications. Allowing for easy management and monitoring of air conditioning units at single or multiple locations via your mobile device.

Individual Control Systems

Control for an individual indoor unit or a group of units.

Centralised Control Systems

Centralised control for an entire system of up to multiple indoor units.


Introducing genuine Panasonic peripherals and accessories.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud

Panasonic Comfort Cloud puts total control of your indoor quality at your fingertips.

Expert designs, built just for you

Our experts are ready and waiting to design the perfect solution for your business.