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24-Hour Quality Air

Panasonic’s Multi-split Air Conditioning system offers multi-zone cooling solution with one outdoor unit, perfect for limited outdoor installation spaces. The Triple-Split System efficiently cools 3 rooms with one outdoor unit and 3 indoor units. The outdoor unit is durable against harsh conditions, yet is reliable in providing optimal temperature control, comfort and cost savings for its occupants.
*Connection of cooling multi inverter; Wall mounted : CS-MXS9XKZ (2.8 kW), CS-MXS12XKZ (3.2 kW), CS-MXS18XKZ (5.00 kW)
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Versatile & Practical Solution for Multi Zones

Versatile & Practical Solution for Multi Zones
Enjoy greater installation versatility while optimising comfort for single or multiple rooms with Panasonic’s multi-split air conditioning system. This space-saving feature offers a perfect solution for a residential building with limited outdoor unit installation space such as a condominium or an apartment.

Greater Functionality & Flexibility

Customisable Solution for Different Needs

Various combinations* of indoor units and outdoor units for functional indoor air solutions for your home, no matter the space. Indoor units such as wall-mounted, mini cassette and slim ducted can be connected to one outdoor unit according to your preference, needs and space layout.
*The combination of indoor units and outdoor unit depending on models and specification.
Customisable Solution for Different Needs

Independent Operation Control

Multiple indoor units are connected independently to the outdoor unit, enabling you to operate each indoor unit separately. You can independently control temperature and environment in each room to suit your family preferences. If one indoor unit malfunctions, other indoor units can continue to operate, so you can continuously enjoy cooling comfort.
Independent Operation Control

Flexible and Convenient Installation

Extended long pipelines up to 60 meters* allow the indoor unit to be installed at the best location in the room for maximum comfort. The high elevation with a maximum of 15 meters between outdoor unit and indoor units allows the system to be installed in a split-level home such as a double storey or duplex unit.
*With maximum of 3 indoor units' connection, up to 25 meters per single connection.
Flexible and Convenient Installation

5 Ticks Energy Efficiency Rating

Panasonic CU-3XS27UKZ has excellent energy rating*. This means less energy is used to cool the room, translating to reduced electricity bills. Stay cool and comfortable with exceptional energy saving performance.

*Tested in accordance with ISO 15042. Based on 27¢/kWh electricity cost, 8 hours daily usage and 16 hours standby energy consumption. Actual annual energy consumption and cost may vary. For more information and to compare models, visit MELS-PAN-AC170063

5 Ticks Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy Saving with Inverter

Panasonic's Inverter technology uses both Panasonic-made unique and precise microcomputer along with a gentle and powerful compressor to accurately control temperature, which provides a balanced comfort level in the environment while saving energy.
Energy Saving with Inverter

High-Efficiency with Wide Power Output Range

The high-performance compressor has wide power output range, allowing it to be more flexible in changing the amount of power it uses to operate. Enjoy a balanced comfort regardless of the temperature fluctuations caused by the number of occupants or heat-generating appliances. Now you can host a large group without compromising comfort.
High-Efficiency with Wide Power Output Range

Long Term Endurance

Corrosion-Resistant Blue Fin Condenser

Water, high humidity, mist or salt can cause major corrosion on the condenser. The Blue Fin anti-rust coating is applied to each fin to protect it against harsh corrosion. This special coating prevents rusting caused by salty air, rain and other corrosive factors, while helping to extend the condenser unit’s life span for a long-lasting performance.
Corrosion-Resistant Blue Fin Condenser

Copper Tube Condenser

Panasonic uses copper tube condenser which offers high cooling capacity. It has better heat transfer to rapidly dissipate heat into external environment, thus provides fast cooling indoors. Copper has high anti-corrosive properties that gives the unit a longer lifespan.
Copper Tube Condenser

Corrosion-Resistant Outdoor Coating

The outdoor unit’s exterior is layered with multiple protection coatings to strengthen the surface in order to withstand elements like salty air and moisture from rain exposure that can cause metal to corrode. The multiple layered coating increases the unit’s durability, making it last longer for continual comfort.
Corrosion-Resistant Outdoor Coating

Solid Performance

Made to Last Under Harsh Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions can damage and reduce the performance of the outdoor unit. Panasonic has conducted durability tests in various conditions including high temperature, high humidity as well as low temperature condition to ensure that the unit continues to operate and perform. Enjoy continuous comfort regardless of climate and environment.
Made to Last Under Harsh Weather Conditions

Water Resistant Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

The contact sections on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are resin-potted to prevent adverse effects in case of contact with water droplets.
Water Resistant Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Compact Design

The compact outdoor unit design fits any type of building. Great for buildings with limited spaces.
Compact Design


Photo of CU-3XS27UKZ

Size and Weight

875 (+95)mm

*Please check the minimum space requirements for installation.

5 ticks energy efficiency rating

Energy savings and precise temperature control with Inverter

Full flexibility of cooling capacity range from 2.8kW to 13.2kW for 3 indoor units

Corrosion-resistant to withstand high humidity and rain exposure

Compact design fits every building type

Basic Specification

  • Model

    • Triple-Split (50 Hz)
      • CU-3XS27UKZ
  • Cooling Capacity (min-max)

    • 5.10 (2.40 ~ 8.90) kW
      17,400 (8,180 ~ 30,300) Btu/h
  • COP (min-max)

    • 4.90 (5.45-2.99) W/W
  • EER (min-max)

    • 16.73 (18.59-10.17) Btu/hW
  • Weighted COP

    • 5.53 W/W
  • Electrical Data

    • Voltage
      • 220-240 V
    • Current
      • 5.2 - 4.8 A
    • Power Input (min-max)
      • 1,040 (440 ~ 2,980) W
  • Sound Pressure Level

    • Outdoor (Hi / Lo)
      • 56 dB(A)
  • Maximum Current

    • 15.2 A
  • Starting Current

    • 5.2 A
  • Compressor Output

    • 1,300 W
  • Fan Output

    • 60 W
  • Dimensions

    • Height
      • 695 mm
    • Width
      • 875 (+95) mm
    • Depth
      • 320 mm
  • Net Weight

    • Outdoor
      • 58 kg
  • Pipe Extension

    • Chargeless Pipe Length
      • 30 m
    • Maximum Pipe Length (1 Room)
      • 25 m
    • Maximum Pipe Length (Total)
      • 60 m
    • Maximum Elevation Length
      • 15 m
    • Additional Refrigerant Gas*
      • 20 g/m

Connection of Cooling Multi Inverter

  • Indoor Unit Type

    • Wall Mounted
      • CS-MXS9XKZ (2.8 kW), CS-MXS12XKZ (3.2 kW), CS-MXS18XKZ (5.0 kW)
  • Maximum Connectable Indoor Unit kW

    • 13.2 kW


  • *When pipes are not extended from the standard pipe length, the required amount of refrigerant is already in the unit.
    Please read the Installation Instructions carefully before installing the unit, and the Operating Instructions before using it. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Photo of CU-3XS27UKZ

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