Enjoy Asian Cuisine by Chef Martin Yan & Panasonic

With over 35 years of experience, Chef Martin Yan shares tricks of the trade and insider knowledge on how to achieve great tasting local food. With his signature cooking style and affable personality, Chef Yan invites viewers right into his kitchen showcasing dishes from Asia. Featuring a new theme each week, Chef Yan prepares dishes influenced by the places he’s visited around the region. Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites premieres on the 5th of January on Asian Food Channel (AFC). Add more recipes to your personal cookbook and impress your loved ones with simple and delicious dishes from Chef Martin Yan.

Message from Chef Martin Yan

To all my fans and AFC viewers that enjoy cooking and learning about different processes of cooking, you will love this show. I try to make it entertaining as much as I try to keep it relevant, to teach you how to get the right flavors without making the dish complicated. I love to travel around the world but especially in South East Asia. Everywhere I go, I meet and work with home cooks, street vendors, chefs and I’ve learnt so much from all of them. Through my travels, I’ve learned there are all kinds of food. Whether it is gourmet or from the streets, they have different approaches when it comes to cooking styles but they are always full of flavor. It is an honor to showcase what I’ve seen, eaten and learned along the way.

Chicken and Mushroom Wraps

You can’t go wrong with the combination of chicken and mushroom. Check out how Chef Yan prepares this simple and savory dish.

CHEF YAN’s Comment

The Vietnamese dish that stands out the most to me is rice rolls. They use very thin and transparent rice rolls filled with shredded meat, mushrooms and vegetables. It’s so simple but so delicious so on the show I create a chicken and mushroom wrap inspired by the Vietnamese roll, but Martin Yan’s version.
When preparing this dish, use a food processor as it comes with different kinds of blades so it is perfect for creating different textures to your dish, it also cuts thinly and evenly so the usually time-consuming preparation becomes quick and easy!

Chicken and Mushroom Rice

You can’t go wrong using these ingredients. See how Chef Yan prepares this simple meal in a way that draws out the full flavor of this dish.

CHEF YAN’s Comment

Rice is very important in Asian cuisines. People eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner so it’s very important to make good fluffy rice to serve with beautiful dishes. When I was growing up, my grandmother and my mother use to always make Chicken and Mushroom Rice. They cook the chicken and mushroom over rice in a clay pot which really brings out the flavors while keeping the chicken and mushroom moist. Nowadays, the rice cookers are so advanced, it can cook many other things besides rice.

Good Fortune Prawns

Good Fortune Prawns is a dish that symbolizes happiness. It’s a must-have dish during the Chinese New Year and Chef Yan shows you how to prepare this dish with the freshest ingredients.

CHEF YAN’s Comment

Food is the cornerstone of celebration and with Chinese New Year not too far away, let me show you how to prepare delicious Good Fortune Prawns. These prawns when cooked right is sweet, crunchy and savory, and for the Chinese, it is the food that symbolizes happiness. With a touch of a button and a simple marinade, my version of Good Fortune Prawns is easy to cook with a microwave oven.

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