Finding Beauty

In Nano-Sized Water Particles

In order to take care of women's hair and skin, and avoid the daily damage of dry air, Panasonic has applied a unique nano technology, called nanoe™ , to its beauty products.

Moisure-Rich nanoe Ions

Minus ions are water particles in the air fused with negatively charged oxygen.On the other hand, nanoe™ is the assembly of negative water ions wrapped in the abundance of moisture.

These ions are tiny particles created by using high voltage to split the moisture that collects in the air. They are approximately 1/300th the size of ordinary steam particles. Yet, these particles hold approximately 1,000 times as much water as negative ions. Even though nanoe™ ions are this small, they hold an abundance of moisture

The Hair Dryer that Adds Luster While Drying

As the developers of this dryer explain, the nanoe™ dryer beautifies hair from the inside out. Fine, moisture-rich nanoe™ particles penetrate hair to add luster.

To verify the actual feeling of this effect, a group of women within Panasonic, who are known as beauty specialists, checked the dryer’s performance. For the purpose of marketing overseas, hairstyling trends and the beauty culture of each country was researched. In particular, since the texture of hair differs among ethnic groups, testing on normal people was essential.

A wide range of scientific tests and verifications were repeatedly performed during development, but the final, most important criterion was the "actual voice" of users, which cannot be expressed in numbers.

The new nanoe™ steamer makes the skin more beautiful by simply being placed nearby. In contrast with ordinary steamers, it provides direct, instantaneous steaming.

The nanoe™ particles bond to the oil on the skin, coating it for steady moisturizing. Continued use increases the skin's natural regenerating capability. Movable outlets are linked to a nanoe™ generator to form a structure that effectively emits nanoe™ particles from every angle. This new, valuable proposal is a perfect match for women's needs.

Panasonic's nanoe™ technology has brought a variety of new possibilities to the world of beauty care. These tiny, moisture-rich ions will continue to create new value in a wide range of products.

Meet the men behind the tech

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