Quick Dry Your Hair with Care

Even on Your Busiest Nights

The night winds down, and your heels come off after a wonderful evening. After all the excitement, you’re bound to be exhausted. Once home, all you want to do is to remove your makeup, take a quick shower and wash your hair, then dive into the bed. That’s understandable, but the question is... did you dry your hair properly?

Before we discuss taking care of our hairs, we first need to know what we are actually dealing with. Each strand of our hair is surrounded by an outer layer of protective cells. Hair problems occur when this protective layer of cuticle deteriorates either naturally over time due to environmental factors or due to external factors like chemicals and excessive exposure to heat during styling process. Moreover, hair is most prone to damage when wet.

When your hair is wet, the cells become loose and extend out from the hair. Also, sleeping with wet hair can cause other problems too. Wet hair becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which causes dryness, scalp problems, and your hair to become smelly. Make sure to dry your hair before you go to sleep.

A word to the wise: use a good hair dryer and dry your hair well after you shower. We will share a few simple techniques to help you dry your hair quickly.

How to Dry Your Hair Fast

1. Gently Dry Your Hair with a Towel

Use a towel to gently absorb water from your hair to shorten blow drying time. (Tip: Do not rub your hair with the towel, as the friction can cause split ends and frizzy dryness).

2. Use a Hair Dryer over a Dry Towel

Use another dry towel to cover your head then use hair dryer to blow air over the towel. Most of the water will absorbed by the towel, and you hair will dry much faster.

3. Side to Side Then Up and Down

Finish by blowing air directly on your hair. Blow the air from side to side across the back of your head, then up and down from the scalp moving along to the ends of your hair, flicking away water as you work your fingers through your hair.

More Information

Get a Powerful Hair Dryer

The more powerful the airflow of a hair dryer, the faster it will dry your hair so that you can easily and quickly dry your hair and still look fabulous!

Refrain from Complete Drying

Blow dry your hair to about 80% dry and leave it just a bit damp to finish it off with a blast of cold air so as to help the cuticles close up and lock in that smooth shine.

The Best Quick Drying Hair Dryer
Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer EH-NE82

1. 2,500W High Power for Fast Drying

With 2,500W, it’s the highest power available in a consumer hair dryer. Its impressive and powerful airflow has three temperature settings that will dry your hair fast. It’s the best choice for people who find it a bother to spend time drying their hair and want a little shortcut. You can save several minutes off this daily ritual!

2. Smart Care with Advanced Heat Protection Sensor

If your hair dryer is blowing air that’s too hot, it can really dry out your hair and damage it. The Heat Protection Sensor in this hair dryer monitors the temperature of the airflow, controlling it automatically. Your hair and scalp will be dried smartly. It dries your hair comfortably, preventing your hair from overheating.

3. Ion Conditioning for Shiny Hair

This hair dryer also conditions hair by emitting a stream of negative ions from the external ion outlet to cover your hair. The negative ions also reduce static electricity, leaving your hair smooth and shiny.

By choosing a great hair dryer and using it wisely, you can dry your hair fast, even on your busiest nights. In no time, you will be ready to go out and show the world your beautiful shiny hair!