Great Parties Need Great Food

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Are you all set to prepare food for a party already? Expertly use your cooking appliances to bring out must try delicious recipes for a fun-filled home party quickly and smoothly. Try preparing the food using Panasonic cooking appliances and recipes from the Asian Food Channel!

Welcome Drink: Rainbow Juice

Let’s start the party with a nutrient-rich welcome drink.


Lychees / Pomegranate seeds / Pineapple / Carrots / Spinach leaves / Cucumbers / Celery stalks / Banana / Condensed milk


Product to use:

The low-speed screw slowly crushes ingredients while squeezing them under pressure to extract juice that is rich in nutrients.

Simply switch attachments to blend, chop, slice, shred or whisk. Ideal for both daily meals and party foods.

Appetizer: Avocado Citrus Salad

Bring out the luxury to your appetizers with your home-made dressing.



Lemon / Orange / Parsley leaves / Basil leaves / Dijon mustard / Honey / Olive oil / Shallots / Salt / Pepper


Avocados / Grapefruit / Rocket leaves / Fennel bulb / Smoked salmon


Product to use:

There are six auto menus in all: JUICE, SMOOTHIE, PUREE, SOUP, GRINDING, and FROZEN. A single touch gives each menu the optimal speed and power.

Soup: Eight Treasures Squash Soup

Get a relaxing ambiance to the party from the warmth of the soup.


Pumpkin squash / Cooking oil / Lemongrass / Kaffir lime leaves / Red chili / Boneless and skinless chicken / Shrimp / Carrot / Bamboo shoots / Straw mushrooms / Baby corn / Frozen green peas / Ginger / Chicken broth


Sugar / Green onion / Fish sauce / Coconut milk


Green onion


Product to use:

Powerful, high-density steam enables speedy, professional steaming. This makes it easy to prepare delicious, healthy, oil-free dishes.

Pasta: Sambal Spaghetti with Grilled Prawns

Let’s share and enjoy pasta with everyone.


Grilled Prawns:

Large prawns / Coriander / Garlic / Olive oil / Salt / Ground black pepper / Spaghetti

Pasta Sauce:

Sambal belacan / Cherry tomatoes / Tomato passata or tomato puree / Water / Garlic / Shallots / Dried oregano / Salt / Gula melaka (Palm sugar) / Olive oil


Spaghetti / Chopped coriander leaves / Lime wedges / Fried shallots


Product to use:

Panasonic's new 100% pure turbo steam feature makes food healthier, while keeping the inside plump and juicy.

Main Dish: Grandma's Salted Chicken

Warm up the party with a sumptuous chicken main course.


Salt / Pepper / Whole chicken tangerine peels / Green onions / Cilantro leaves / Garlic / Ginger / Red chilies / Mustard green / Wood ear mushrooms / Shiitake mushrooms / Sichuan peppercorns / Whole star anise / Chinese rice wine or dry sherry / Soy sauce / Water


Product to use:

This rice cooker cooks delicious rice with its durable 5 layer IH. As it can also simmer, steam, and even bake, this is going to be your treasured kitchen partner.

Dessert: Mango Pudding

Finish refreshingly with a dessert.


Mango Pudding:

Mango / Coconut milk / Gelatin / Sugar / Salt / Fruit cocktail

For Garnish:

Vanilla ice cream / Optional: Gula melaka (Palm sugar)


Product to use:

This high-power blender creates delicious, nutritious beverages, meals and more. Chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, and churn with a single machine.

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