Tips for Cleanliness the Japanese Way

Cleaning is essential part of everyday life for many Japanese who grew up with the idea that cleanliness is important. They often clean using free time between doing other things or anytime they might just feel like cleaning. Let us introduce Japanese cleaning tips on how to clean “often, quickly, every day.”

1. Utilizing Everyday Goods for Cleaning

There are many things in our lives that wear out or accumulate over time, and we can reuse some of these for cleaning before we discard them.

Old stockings and wire hangers

You can cover a hanger wire with a stocking and insert it into narrow gaps (less than 1 cm wide). The static electricity from the old stocking will attract dust and dirt.

Baking soda

You can use baking soda instead of a detergent. It’s inexpensive, and you can easily get it from a supermarket near you. Baking soda is a cooking ingredient, so it will not cause any harm to people. Cleaning with baking soda is popular in Japan as it’s safe and environmentally friendly.

2. Choosing the Right Tools

Japanese people keep cleaning at home using all kinds of small gadgets that help with quick cleaning.

Sticky roller

You can clean the carpet as you watch TV by using a sticky roller to pick up dust and hair from the carpet.

Dust mop

Different kinds of dust mops can be used to clean floors and tile where the sticky roller method would not work.

“iT” Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

“iT” is so light and compact that you can easily get into the narrow spaces between furniture to clean. It has a dust sensor to help ensure that you get the micro dust that is invisible to the human eye.

3. Taking Extra Care to Get Clothes Really Clean

Japanese people know how to remove stains effectively from their clothes that can happen during a meal.

Using steam from hot water

Stains from ketchup and black tea become easier to remove by applying steam from a cup of hot water. Brush lightly with an old toothbrush soaked in bleach, a later short time the stain will disappear quickly.

Top Load Washing Machine

Panasonic washing machine NAFS16V5 has cutting-edge features to clean clothes. “StainMaster+” adjusts the water temperature to help break down stains and fight yellowing. And “Active Foam System” generates ultra-fine bubbles so the laundry detergent can penetrate deep into the fibers to remove dirt and stains.