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EVOLTA Batteries LR14EG 2pcs (C size)

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Long Lasting and High Power!!

Panasonic EVOLTA are the premium batteries with exceptional performance for high drain products. The perfect battery you need to enjoy your high or low drain appliances for a long time.
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Anti-Leak Seal Technology

Anti-Leak Seal Technology combines a refined structural design and a unique gas-suppressing formula to reduce chance of leakage when batteries are in use or in storage
Anti-Leak Seal Technology

Store Batteries Safely for Up to 10 Years

You can store EVOLTA batteries for up to 10 years*. Unique high-quality chemistries including added titanium prevent degradation while Anti-Leak Seal prevents leakage to ensure long-life stability. Enjoy powerful EVOLTA performance whenever you need it.
Store Batteries Safely for Up to 10 Years

Special Tough Coating

In conventional batteries, contact resistance on the terminals can build up and cause the nickel layer to peel off and the battery to fail. Triple Tough Coating solves this with an iron/nickel-plated alloy on the positive and negative terminals that improves adhesion and reduces contact resistance.
※The product in the image is AA.
Special Tough Coating


Photo of EVOLTA Batteries LR14EG 2pcs (C size)

OUR NO.1 LONGEST LASTING (IEC discharge test results on Panasonic batteries sold in your country)

High Energy Formula - More Power for Your Devices

Anti-Leak Protection

Special Tough Coating

Protects Power for Up to 10 Years
(When unused and properly stored.)

No Mercury Added

Product Code

  • LR14EG


  • 1.5V

Shelf Life

  • 10 years



Photo of EVOLTA Batteries LR14EG 2pcs (C size)

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