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Innovative Beauty Technology - nanoe


Our bodies are mostly water. Water is indispensable for maintaining both life and beauty. As we age, our skin loses its fresh glow. Fine wrinkles and damaged hair are often due to dryness, so moisturizing skin and hair is a basic part of beauty care. Created by atomizing airborne water particles, nanoe are ultrafine water ions that easily penetrate hair and skin. More moist hair, fresher looking skin. Panasonic Beauty, supporting your beauty with the latest technologies.


Provide moisture to keep hair smooth and shiny

nanoe are ultrafine particles of water that penetrate hair through extremely small openings in the cuticle and then tighten the cuticle. The result is healthy, supple hair with a lustrous sheen.


nanoe moisten scalp to keep it clean,preventing for a healthier scalp

Moisture-rich nanoe moisturize your scalp to keep it healthy, preventing the dryness that causes damage to hair. They also make it easier for water to mix with sebum for easier removal when washing.


Static electricity prevention effect

nanoe neutralize the positive charge that's easily generated on the surface of hair when it's dry or when brushed to prevent static electricity. This prevents hair from sticking up, making it easy to manage and enabling your fingers to slip smoothly through it.


nanoe keep skin hydrated with a moisture coating

nanoe hydrophilize the sebum barrier. This prevents moisture evaporating from the surface of skin and maintains moisture in the stratum corneum to provide a moisturizing effect.


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Double ions for beautiful hair and healthier scalp

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