LUMIX Ambassadors

LUMIX Ambassadors

Matthew Sutherland

| CITY | Santa Clarita, CA | COUNTRY | US

Matthew Sutherland is the owner of Matrimony Films, a cinematic production company based in Southern California. Their specialty is event video and corporate film production. Matthew is a graduate of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television and after a successful acting career in over 20 National Commercials and a Series Regular role on a Prime Time television show, he chose to follow his lifelong dream of being behind the camera as a filmmaker. Matthew has written, directed and shot feature films, short films and events for over 15 years. Matthew is a member of the Panasonic Lumix Ambassador team – promoting mirrorless cameras across the USA. His life stays balanced thanks to his beautiful wife and two great children. Every new client is a welcome addition to his constantly growing and enormously fun family!!

Style of Photography/Videography

| Nature | Architecture | Wildlife | Sport | People | Fashion | Travel | Macro | Documentary | Commercial |

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