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GH6 Development Story

Taking a closer look behind the scenes of the development of the GH6, which has finally been unveiled after five years

  Product Planning Story

1 : After five years of silence, it has finally arrived

  Picture-Making Story

2 : Entering the full-frame realm while still staying a Micro Four Thirds camera

  Downsizing Story

3 : The obstacles standing in the way of downsizing

  Usability Story

3 : Responding to creators' requests for their desired functions

LUMIX Picture-making Philosophy

Capturing It All

  Chapter 1

What is the picture-making philosophy that appeals to the senses?

  Chapter 2

Unraveling the sensibilities of creators

  Chapter 3

Photo Style, A strong ally for showcasing unedited images

GH5M2 Development story

GH Evolution in the Live Streaming Era


1 : Responding to the needs of the times and evolving ease of use


2 : Condensing four years of performance evolution in the GH5 body size


3 : The Way to Realize Wireless Live Streaming

S-R2060 Development story

The Passion and Efforts for Creating a Standard Zoom Lens with a Starting Focal Length of 20 mm for Super-wide Angle for the New Era of Photography and Video Shooting


1 : Creating a completely new standard zoom lens that befits the needs in a new era


2 : Optical Design Efforts for Achieving Conflicting Objectives of Ultra-wide Angle and Compact Size


3 : Uncompromising Video Performance and Meticulous Attention to Details for Both High Design Quality and Excellent Operability

S5 Development story



What makes them choose LUMIX S5, from the perspective of a videographer, as well as the development story and behind-the-scenes story from the engineers

G100 Development story

Introducing the compact mirrorless camera LUMIX G100 tailored for vloggers by the developers

| Date: 2021.01.21

1 : Catching the trend of called “vlogging” – why and how the G100 was born

| Date: 2021.01.21

2 : Downsizing vs. usability – from the designer’s point of view

| Date: 2021.01.21

3 : Pursuing sound quality with the microphone optimized for vlogging