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nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA0J-A635 nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral

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Enhances Daily Hair Care Routine by Reducing Hair Dryness

Discover a new hair care routine with nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral that delivers 18 times higher moisture level, ensuring your hair, scalp, and skin are well-hydrated with every use.

  • nanocare
  • 20 mil. Units shipped sinnce 2005
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Everyday Routine for Healthier Hair

Everyday Routine for Healthier Hair
nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral care for your hair by preventing colour fade and damage. With regular use, achieve vibrant and healthy hair effortlessly.

nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral

Deeply Moisturise Your Hair

Featuring nanoe™ MOISTURE+, this hair dryer delivers 18 times* more moisture, effectively penetrating from the surface to the inner layers of your hair, ensuring deeply moisturised, lusciously healthy hair.
*Compared to conventional nanoe™ model
Deeply Moisturise Your Hair

Adds Moisture from Root to Tip

By releasing ultra-fine moisture particles, nanoe™ MOISTURE+ ensures your hair receives 1.9 times more moisture. Look great with deeply moisturised hair, from the root to tip.
*Compared to conventional nanoe™ model
Adds Moisture from Root to Tip

Long-lasting Hair Colour

Maintain your favourite hair colour for longer with a simple hair care routine. nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral prevent colour fading for healthier looking hair.
Long-lasting Hair Colour

Retaining Hair Colour

nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral improve cuticle adhesion and prevent colour fading. This also keeps your hair smooth and silky by protecting the cuticles.
[Model trial method]
Comparison of colour changes (colour variation) in bunches of hair that had been washed then completely dried in the normal manner using a nanoe™ hair dryer with nanoe™ MOISTURE+and Mineral or using a non-ionic hair dryer.
*Panasonic in-house survey
*Effects may vary depending on the colourant and the individual
Retaining Hair Colour

Prevent Overheating from Daily Blow-Drying

Intelligent sensing with two sensors* automatically regulates the air temperature based on the environment to prevent excessive heat damage on hair.
*Ambient Temperature Sensor and Air Temperature Sensor
Prevent Overheating from Daily Blow-Drying

Easy Drying & Styling at Home

Releases varying levels of air pressure, drying your hair quickly while gently detangling wet hair.
Quick-dry Nozzle (Built-in)

Enhance your curls with a gentler airflow while adding volume from the roots for luscious curls.

Ideal for styling, it targets specific areas effortlessly with wide, gentle airflow.
Set Nozzle

A focused airflow reaches the roots, making it ideal for thick hair or hard-to-dry areas.
Air Boost Nozzle

360° Care for Scalp and Skin

Scalp Care Mode

Comfortable, effective drying with a gentle 50ºC airflow ensures better care for the scalp.
*Comparison between EH-NA0J unused and after 4 weeks of use (Panasonic in-house survey)
Scalp Care Mode

Skin Care Mode

Hydrate your skin after a shower for soft and supple skin.
*Comparison of skin moisture content without EH-NA0J and after 4 weeks of use (Panasonic in-house survey)
Skin Care Mode

Fast Drying

Our advanced technology optimises internal airflow to dry hair faster and more comfortably.
Fast Drying

Compact Design

It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to use and store conveniently.
Compact Design


Photo of nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA0J-A635 nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral

Size and Weight

  • nanoe™ Moisture+nanoe™ Moisture+
  • External nanoe™ OutletExternal nanoe™ Outlet
  • Mineral IonMineral Ion
  • Intelligent SensingIntelligent Sensing
  • 3 Airflow Settings3 Airflow Settings
  • Hot/Cold Alternating ModeHot/Cold Alternating Mode
  • Scalp Care ModeScalp Care Mode
  • Skin Care ModeSkin Care Mode
  • Built-in Quick Dry NozzleBuilt-in Quick Dry Nozzle
  • CompactCompact
  • 1600 W at 240 V1600 W at 240 V
  • 2.7 m Cord2.7 m Cord

Reduce Hair Dryness with nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral

Long-lasting Hair Colour

Prevent hair from overheating

360゜Care for Scalp and Skin


  • Yes


  • Yes


  • 1600w

Air Speed

  • 3 Settings (Fast/Medium/Gentle)

Air Temp (Mode)

  • 2 Temperature (Hot/Cold)
    4 Modes (Hot Cold Alternating/Hair Tip Care/ Scalp/Skin)


  • Set nozzle
    Air boost nozzle
    Built-in quick dry nozzle

Body Size (WHD)

  • 148×221×74 mm (*¹)


  • Approx. 460g(*²)


  • (*1) Without nozzle
    (*2) Without nozzle/power cord



Photo of nanocare Hair Dryer EH-NA0J-A635 nanoe™ MOISTURE+ and Mineral

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