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Regional student filmmakers awarded at Panasonic Kid Witness News Asia Pacific Award Ceremony

Thailand team’s video on a rural pig farming village’s sustainability efforts emerges top among six Asia Pacific countries.

(L-R) Two members of the winning team from Monfort College School, Thailand, Kunawut Kunanai and Worrawat Watakit, with Guest Speaker Suzanne Jung.

25 February 2014, Singapore – Thailand’s youths have emerged as the winner of Panasonic Regional Asia Pacific Kid Witness News (KWN) Contest 2013, beating competition from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

The winning entry was made by Monfort College School, Thailand, with the team comprising of students Worrawat Watakit, Natee Arayawutthikul, Kunawat Kunanai, Pasin Kraisutarung, and Kasideth Kaewpradit. Entitled “Value” of Immensely, the video explores how a rural pig farming village in Thailand introduced environmentally friendly farming practices and animal waste management that generated useful resources to fuel their village and fertilise their lands. Apart from walking away with the top prize, the team also received the “Best Videography Award”.

The entries were judged based on two broad criteria - expression and technical points. Expression points include the concept, writing and overall performance of the submission while videography, sound and editing skills were taken into consideration in the scoring of technical points.

Based on the theme of ‘environment’ and ‘communication’, the 2013 edition of the Regional KWN Contest saw youths from as young as 10, to 18 years old exercising their creative talent through films to address pressing society issues. Topics dealt with included environmental pollution in the tourism town of Kota Kinabalu, wastage of water resources at home and the breakdown of family relationships in a digital age.

Other winners in the different categories are as follows: Vietnam won “Creative Concept”, Malaysia for “Best Editing”, Singapore for “Best Young Achievers”, Indonesia for “Best Music” and New Zealand for “Best Sound”. (Refer to Annex 2 for detailed winners write up)

The KWN participants also put their filmmaking skills to a good cause in Singapore through a visit to Parkway Cancer Centre at Gleneagles Hospital. Drawing inspiration from their interactions with staff and patients, they came up with an encouragement video for cancer patients as part of the centre’s “I am a Cancer Warrior” campaign.

“We are glad that we are able to provide the participants with the necessary equipment and training, such that they are able to bring their ideas to life. Not only do they gain more skills and knowledge, they also gain more awareness about the world around them, both in their society and beyond geographical boundaries. It is indeed heartening to see that the Kid Witness News programme has become such a powerful channel in educating students in the region, and we hope that the programme has been, and will remain to be, enriching for all participants,” said Mr Joe Tsuchiya, Director of the Brand Management Group for Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Judges for this year’s contest include established and seasoned professionals from the media and education institutions, comprising of Dr. Lucksana Klaikao (Director of Master of Communications Arts Program, and Lecturer at the Department of Radio and Television, Faculty of Communication Arts, Rangsit University), Pattana Jirawong (Director and film scriptwriter), Jackie Tan (Photographer), and Vincent Poh (Executive Producer and Director of REDBOT PICTURES).

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About Kid Witness News (KWN)

KWN (Kid Witness News) is a global video education program supported by Panasonic, with the aim of boosting creativity and communication skills and fostering teamwork through video production by children at the primary and secondary school levels.

More than 160,000 children around the world have participated in the KWN program since it first began in the U.S. in 1989. Panasonic lends video production equipment to schools for student video productions. Videos created by the students are submitted to an annual countries´/ regions´ awards contest, with prizes awarded in over ten different categories, including news, documentaries, dramas, commercials, etc.

In 2004, an international category was created in the contest for the first time, taking the competition global. In keeping with this growing number of participating countries/regions, the KWN Global Contest has been held annually since 2008. As of Feb. 2013, around 10,000 children from 622 schools in 29 countries/ region around the world have participated in the past year.

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Annex 1: Panasonic Kid Witness News Programme – Regional Competition Winners

1.I. Regional Winner Award
II. Best Videography Award

Country: Thailand
Title of video: “Value” of Immensely
Theme: Environment
School: Monfort College School
Synopsis of film
Baan-ToongYaao Village is a village located in the countryside. Pigs are essential for the livelihood of the villagers. They are cooked for food, sold to earn money, and its manure is used and sold too, in making the village more prosperous. The film shows how the village rid the smell of manure by turning it into clean and green energy that is environmentally friendly. It is wonderful that Baan-ToongYaao Village of Thai Yourng is able to be self-sustaining and environmentally friendly.

2.Creative Concept Award

Country: Vietnam
Title of video: The Most Important Thing
Theme: Environment
School: M.V. Lomonosov School
Synopsis of film
This is a true story that you may encounter anytime and anywhere. You turned on the tap to brush your teeth or wash vegetables but got distracted by your favorite TV program, forgetting about the tap and leaving the water running. Under humorous lens, the KWN team from Vietnam wants to send the message: “Save water, secure the future”, and remind you that you should save water, a precious resource.

3.Best Editing Award

Country: Malaysia
Title of video: Black Dot Town
Theme: Communication
School: Benoni Secondary School Sabah, Malaysia
Synopsis of film
Kota Kinabalu is the capital city of Sabah, famous around the world. Many tourists who come to Kota Kinabalu highly appreciate the natural beauty and the friendliness of its people. Unfortunately, the city is polluted with trash thrown by irresponsible people, especially illegally immigrants who build their residences around town. Their activities have contributed to environmental pollution, especially from the irresponsible disposal of rubbish. KWN crew decided to investigate and make a survey of the problem.

4.Best Young Achievers Award

Country: Singapore
Title of video: Forget Me Not
Theme: Communication
School: Fuhua Primary School
Synopsis of film
A successful father goes all out for his career but ends up neglecting his son and aged mother, despite his mother showing a lot of care for him. His aged mother begins to build a strong bond with her grandson, but soon starts to show signs that she is suffering from dementia. Her condition eventually worsened to the point that she cannot remember her own son, but can only remember her grandson, causing the father to realise the importance of communication in a family.

5.Best Music Award

Country: Indonesia
Title of video: Turn Off Your Device
Theme: Communication
School: Salman Al Farisi Junior High School Bandung, West Jawa, Indonesia
Synopsis of film
Nisa is a Junior High School Student. She is kind, diligent, obedient, and smart. She belongs to a rich family but lacks attention from her family and people around her. Nisa is also very tech savvy, with her friends and family members all addicted to their communication gadgets. They always make the excuse that ‘It is for communication”.

The disappointment caused by her mom, her sister, teacher and friends at school is a phenomenon that happens in society nowadays. The moral value in this movie can be applied worldwide, which is to use all communication tools wisely. This is because the value of communication does not lie with the gadget/tools, but the love we share with each other.

6.Best Sound Effect

Country: New Zealand
Title of video: Searching For Summer
Theme: Communication
School: Mt. Aspiring College
Synopsis of film
A teenage girl, adopted when she was a baby, journeys to find her real mother. The search explores her emotions while she looks for a sense of belonging and discovers her identity and place in the world.