Self-Service Face Recognition Armoury Kiosk showcased at Singapore Police Force (SPF) Workplan Seminar & Exhibition 2023

Singapore, 29 June 2023 – Panasonic Connect Asia announced the showcase of Automated Armoury System held at Singapore Police Force Work Plan Seminar and Exhibition 2023 on 12 and 13 May 2023. 

Self-Service Face Recognition Armoury Kiosk showcased at Singapore Police Force (SPF) Workplan Seminar & Exhibition 2023

Automated Armory System will be deployed across units in Singapore Police Force

In January 2023, the Project “Supply and Maintenance of Self-Service Armoury KIOSK System” for Ministry of Home Affairs, was awarded to Panasonic Connect Asia and its consolidated company RFNet Technologies Pte. Ltd (hereafter “Panasonic”).

About the project
This project that the SPF, the Central Narcotics Bureau, and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) are developing is a full turn-key solution that includes design and development of hardware and software, production, installation and maintenance services.It is a smart lockers system complemented by Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for officers to perform self-withdrawal and return of their sidearms.With multiple authentication terminals, several officers will be able to withdraw/ return their sidearms and tasers at the same time. There is improved governance of armaments, with the system being capable to detect and respond to lapses. The automated armoury system will be deployed island-wide across Singapore’s neighbourhood police centres over the next few years.

Singapore Police Force Work Plan Seminar and Exhibition 2023
During the seminar, Panasonic participated and demonstrated their automated armoury system prototype with key features such as high solidity, durability and security features including two-factor authentication through face recognition and staff card. Object detection and identification sensors are also available to authenticate and alert users. Additional security features such as RFID technology and two-factor authentication have also been added to ensure higher security and daily operation improvement.

About Face Recognition
This system is designed with Panasonic’s proprietary facial recognition engine, which has been highly ranked in the face-recognition benchmark test (NIST FRVT 1:1) conducted by the U.S.-based National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Panasonic aims to continue developing more advanced autonomous solutions to resolve customers’ operational issues, enhance user experience and contribute to a sustainable society in this region
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  • Overview of the system

System Name

Self-Service Armoury Kiosk System

Number of lockers

9,820 compartments


- One site is composed by 100-900 locker compartments
- 2FA to access
- BS 7558:1992 Standard compliant

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