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Panasonic Aims for Seamless Total System Solutions & Integration at BroadcastAsia 2013

18th June 2013, Singapore – Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific showcased a wide range of its latest professional products from acquisition to display, at Broadcast Asia, the region’s largest integrated show for Pro-AV and broadcast industries. This year, bringing together complete system solutions integration to end users with ease, Panasonic is taking a different creative approach, merging a whole array of Panasonic products such as 3D projection mapping, high brightness ultra short throw projection, vertical projection, ultra large LCD display, ultra wide camera system, micro P2 memory card and wireless solutions working seamlessly with one another to showcase different innovative solutions.

Panasonic Pro Video products

AVC Ultra Family

Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA offers master-quality and/or low-bit-rate 10-bit, 4:2:2 recording in Full HD to meet a variety of user needs from mastering to transmission. AVC-LongG, designed for applications where file size is critical, offers up to 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampled recording in a much smaller file size, saving storage cost and transfer times over MPEG-2 while maintaining equal or better video quality. The PX5000G incorporates a selection of AVC-LongG quality levels, including AVC-LongG50 (10-bit, 4:2:2) and AVC-LongG25 (4:2:2, 10-bit).

The AJ-PX5000G, launched in March 2013, is the first P2 HD camcorder with native AVC-ULTRA recording and built-in microP2 card slots. The 2/3-inch, 2.2M 3-MOS camera combines superb image production, light weight and innovative expandability. The PX5000G is “future-proofed” to provide inventive functionality and improved workflows, with additional options such as wireless metadata input. PX5000G also features wireless and wired connection ability with Wi-Fi, USB and Gigabit Ethernet, including wireless control of key camera functions from a smart phone.

micro P2 Memory Card

Panasonic introduced the microP2 Card, the world's first UHS-II compliant Professional Memory Card1, ensuring higher efficiency, reliability and speed to the broadcasting workflows. It is a solid state recording media the size of a SD Memory Card made for broadcast use. This dramatically reduces the size and cost of the current P2 card, as this new Micro P2 card offers the same level of data capacity as well as higher transfer speed, superb reliability and excellent security. The simultaneous introduction of a microP2 Card Adapter assures that the new series of 64GB and 32GB microP2 cards will operate in current P2 hardware2. Panasonic also announced a two - slot microP2 drive for plug-and-play offload of content. Panasonic’s microP2 solid-state UHS-II compliant memory cards ensures highly reliable video, audio, and metadata recording, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. P2 cards allow professional users to benefit from a fast, easy, file-based workflow and exceptional reliability.

1 As of UHS-II compliant memory card, March 2013
2 The microP2 card and microP2 card adapter will not support all P2 products.

Wireless Solution

Panasonic has always believed in innovating and creating products that will be beneficial and efficient to end users. The company’s range of Professional Display Products understand how breaking news is critical to today’s news scene and how crucial it is for the broadcasting sector to obtain high quality videos accompanying the news for instant playback on television.

Panasonic Professional Display Products

Panasonic prides itself on being the one-stop solution for professional audio visual solution. Be it projectors from large-venue, installation, portable, short throw and home theatre series, or displays from interactive board, video wall and large size series, Panasonic offers the right products that suit the need for large image by having an extensive line up.

World’s3 Smallest and Lightest 12,000 lumen Projector

PT-DZ13KE (12,000lm 3-Chip DLP™) is the new high brightness projector in compact design and light body, with many of the same sought after features found on the best selling large venue projector, the PT-DZ21KE (20,000lm, 3-Chip DLP™). This series has high brightness and advanced features that include Lens Memory and flexible Geometric Adjustment that seamlessly integrate the projector in every situation, from special-shaped projection to projection mapping.

3 For projectors with brightness above 12,000lm as of January 2013.

Panasonic’s First 10,000 lumen 1-Chip DLP™ Projector

Panasonic will shift its 1-Chip DLP™ projectors into the 10,000 lumen4 brightness arena with the introduction of the PT-DZ870E Series. With unparalleled picture quality by Panasonic’s proprietary Dynamic RGB Booster which attain high picture quality and high brightness, and DIGITAL LINK connectivity, the series is ideal for rental industries, leisure industry applications, for example museums and for digital signage and education.

4 PT-DX1000E: 10,000lm, PT-DZ870E and PT-DW830E: 8,500lm

World’s5 First Detachable Ultra Short Throw Lens for 1-Chip DLP™ Projector

Panasonic released the world’s first detachable ultra short throw lens for 1 Chip DLP™ projectors. With a short throw ratio of 0.38:1(used with PT-DZ870E), the projector will be able to project a 100” to 350” diagonal image from a mere 0.82m to 2.85m from the screen respectively. Large size image with high brightness can be projected in limited space using the ET-DLE030 lens. The ultra short-throw lens tackles the challenges of space constraint, which is also the forth coming trend for projectors, making it ideal for rental, staging, museums and signage use.

5 For projectors with brightness above 5,000lm as of June 2013.


DIGITAL LINK allows transmission of HDMI, uncompressed HD digital video, audio and control signals (Ethernet, RS-232C) for up to 100 metres (328 feet) through a single CAT5e (STP) cable or higher. DIGITAL LINK enabled projectors such as the new 1-Chip DLP™ projector, PT-DZ870E Series and Solid Shine lamp-free series, PT-RZ470EA (3,500lm 1-Chip DLP™ projector) not only boost cost savings on efficient cabling, but also can receive commands from Crestron, AMX and Extron switchers that enhance installation flexibility6.

6 For a full list of equipment that has been tested for interoperability, please go to:

Ultra large LCD Display

The TH-70LF50W offers high brightness of 700-cd/m2, LED-backlit with a depth of only 89mm. Its light weight also enables ceiling-suspension for greater installation flexibility, and it highly durable panel allows continuous 24/7 operation, making it ideal for rental and signage use.

The video wall display, TH-55LFV50W, 55 inch LED back-lit LCD display not only has narrow bezel to bezel of only 5.3mm thickness, but is also highly durable and energy efficient by LED back-lit. The TH-55LFV50W is an ideal solution for digital signage as well as for the rental and staging market.

Other Products and Features

The new Solid Shine Lamp-free series is Panasonic’s first lamp-free projectors that use LED/laser-combined light source projection. The solid state illumination allows for quick on/off and no maintenance for up to 20,000 hours, thus achieving cost efficiency. The new high brightness ultra-short throw projector PT-CW330EA produces vivid images with 3D projection, making classroom and meeting room presentations more innovative and engaging.

Panasonic is committed to bring life-changing technology through its smart broadcast system solutions in aiding the production and dissemination of content, so as to enrich the lives of the people in the region.

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development and engineering of electronic technologies and solutions for customers in residential, non-residential, mobility and personal applications. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates over 500 consolidated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.30 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2013. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company strives to create a better life and a better world for its customers. For more information about Panasonic, please visit the company's website at http://panasonic.net/.

About Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific

Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific (PSY) today is the regional sales office for integrated systems solutions. Its products include Professional AV, Digital Signage, Broadcast equipment, Office Document & Communication Equipment, Security Systems and Toughbook. As a complete solutions provider, the Company offers customers with B2B services in consulting, systems integration application development & installation. PSY is fully responsible for systems business sales performance and after- sales services for all the product categories under its purview.

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