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What is the difference between P2 Series and AVCCAM series?

The difference between P2 series and AVCCAM series is the recording media and compression technology. P2 series are using P2 cards/microP2 as media and AVC-Intra, AVC-LongG and DV Codec as its compression codec. AVCCAM series are using SDHC, SDXC, SD Cards for recording media and with AVCHD as its compression codec.



For AVCCAM and P2 handheld cameras, are they using the same type of battery?

No. We do not have a standard battery type for each series. Generally for AVCCAM (AG- AC160, AG- AC130 and AG-AF102) models, we are using VW-VBG6. As for AG-HPX250/255, AG-AC90 and AG-AC8 uses CGA-D54 from Panasonic


Can I use third party accessories such as batteries and recording media from different manufacturers?

Yes. Please check with each manufacturer or supplier


For shoulder type camera’s, what lens would Panasonic recommend?

All lenses available in the market can be used on the camera. Your own preference applies


Does Panasonic Cameras support 50 Hertz and 60 Hertz system frequencies?

Most of our cameras can switch between 50 Hertz and 60 Hertz except for some models. Please check with your dealer for more information


Can microP2 be used on older model cameras?

Please see microP2 compatibility list.


What Non-Linear Editing system supports AVC-ULTRA codec?

There are many Non-Linear Editing systems in the industry that can support AVC-ULTRA codec. Please check with each NLE vendor for more information.


What is the warranty period for Panasonic products?

P2 Series– 5 years warranty period with the 2nd to 5th year extended for free upon registration after purchase.

AVCCAM Series – 3 years warranty period with the 2nd to 3rd year extended for free upon registration after purchase.

Remote/ Multipurpose Camera – 1 year Warranty

Broadcast Camera Switcher - 1 year Warranty

Broadcast Monitor - 1 year Warranty


Are all Panasonic Broadcast products on international warranty?

No. Warranty is valid in the original country of purchase. Service charge is applicable for equipment purchased from outside the country


Where do I register my product for extended warranty?

Please register at http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/p2ui/guest/SelectMember.do


Is P2 cards covered by warranty?

P2 cars are considered as the recording media. It is not classified as asset. Like other recording media such as tape DVD etc are consumables recording media


I have technical questions, who shall I contact at Panasonic Systems Asia Pacific?


For further enquiries please fill up this form ( http://panasonic.asia/sg/support/feedbackandenquiryform/) or email to biz.prod@sg.panasonic.com