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How to Shave a Goatee and Moustache in 3 Easy Steps

How to Shave a Goatee and Moustache in 3 Easy Steps

How to Shave a Goatee and Moustache in 3 Easy Steps

The goatee, with or without moustache, is a classic look for men worn by famous actors and everyday blokes all over the globe.

It’s a great style of facial hair for male professionals, university students, older gentlemen and everyone in between. For men who find they can’t grow a full beard or have some patchy facial hair, it’s the perfect compromise rather than a full shave.

Keeping your goatee and moustache nicely maintained and neat is the trick to a handsome appearance, and if creating from scratch, getting that professional looking barber-groomed goatee and moustache look at home can sometimes go a little wrong.

We’ll show you below how to shave a goatee and moustache in three easy steps – trim, define and shave.

Trim to a uniform length

The first step to grooming your new goatee and moustache is to trim all of your facial hair to a uniform length. We suggest a 3mm length, although this is really up to you.

Think about the shape of your face and what will suit you. For some men with a slightly undershot chin, a longer length goatee to create a fuller look may be more suitable. If you have a stronger jawline and chin, a shorter length may help to highlight that.

STEP 1: Trim to a uniform length

Define your goatee style

If you’re about to shave a goatee then you’ll likely already have a style in mind, however, there are many different goatee style options to choose from.

The Full Goatee is the classic style with the full chin covered and joined moustache. You can also opt for the Van Dyke where the goatee portion is shaped like an upside-down ‘T’ and the moustache is not joined. Then there’s the Original Goatee which is like the Van Dyke without a moustache. The goatee shape shown to the right is known as an Anchor Goatee.

Whatever the style, define the edges on your cheeks, jaw and neckline with your pop-up trimmer and begin to shave.

Many Panasonic shavers come with a pop-up trimmer built-in, if you don’t have this, simply use an alternate trimmer.

STEP 2:  Define your goatee style
STEP 2: Define your goatee style

Cleanly shave cheeks & neck

For a clean looking finish, cleanly shave the remaining unwanted hair on your cheeks and neck with your shaver.

And that’s it! Your professional looking goatee and/or moustache look is ready to show off to the world. Just remember to keep it neat!

STEP 3: Cleanly shave cheeks & neck
STEP 3: Cleanly shave cheeks & neck
Features of this style

Features of this style

A : Trim the beard short for a casual look.
B : Leave the goatee and mustache without sharp lines to create a natural look.
C : Cleanly shave fine soft hair on the cheeks and neck for a clean impression.

Close Shave, Effortless Designer Trim

Panasonic hybrid shavers allow you to trim, define and shave the perfect beard, moustache and goatee lines, all with a single unit. Stay well-groomed with state-of-the-art technologies offering exceptional cutting performance, while being gentle to the skin.


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