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Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer EH-NA98

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Hair That Has It All!

Split up with your split ends, fight frizz and say hello to hair that has it all!

This advanced hair dryer infuses your locks with nourishing moisture and packs in intelligent temperature control and quick dry nozzle to dry your hair in record time. This matte black and rose gold beauty is also travel-friendly thanks to a folding handle.

Did you know…
Panasonic has been researching and developing hairdryers worldwide for over 80 years! Click here to see our history.

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High-Tech Hair Hydration

The Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer is boosted with patented Nanoe™ + Double Mineral* technology, a combination that is proven to reduce visible hair damage. It generates moisture particles and double mineral negative ions which are able to penetrate deep into the hair, to nourish from within and enhance the hair quality.

*’Double Mineral’: Mineral ions generated by two zinc electrodes.

High-Tech Hair Hydration

Split End and Frizz Reduction

This premium hair dryer delivers beautiful looking locks, with 88% of users noting a visible improvement in split ends after five weeks, and 91% noticing a reduction in frizz*.

* At home, 5 week test with 71 users, UK, 2019

Split End and Frizz Reduction

A Quick Dry is a Good Dry!

Don’t have time to spend all day drying? Neither do we!

Panasonic’s unique Quick-dry Nozzle generates strong and soft airflow pressures to help separate hair strands which increases the exposed surface area for faster drying!

Did you know… Air volume is not the only thing that matters when trying to achieve a quick blow-dry. Air volume, temperature and pressure all have a significant role to play.
A Quick Dry is a Good Dry!

Salon Quality Styling Features – At Home

Put an end to bad hair days!

An intelligent temperature sensor adjusts continuously to prevent heat damage and scalp dryness, the alternating hot and cold mode lets you emulate professional salon blow-dry techniques, and the Quick Dry Nozzle varies air-flow pressure to shorten drying time and reduce tangles.
Salon Quality Styling Features – At Home

360° Moisturising Care Modes

Care for more than your hair using the Hot, Cold, Skin and Scalp modes to help banish dryness.

The special Scalp mode and Skin mode work to deliver moisture ions to scalp and facial skin, with 90% of users reporting improvement in scalp dryness after just five weeks of usage*.
** At home, 5 week test with 71 users, Panasonic UK Study, 2019
360° Moisturising Care Modes

Excited to Read More?

Learn all about Panasonic’s Hair Care history (psst, our first hair dryer was introduced in 1937!), the ins and outs of nanoe™ technology, the benefits of our hydrating hair dryers, and more.

Excited to Read More?

Some Other Features You’ll Love

Dust can easily be wiped away with a tissue.
Easy-Clean Filter

At the touch of a button, you can select any of the various modes with ease, including:
• Hot/Cold Alternating Mode which automatically switches the airflow between hot air and cold air, resulting in smooth, straight, lustrous hair.
• Intelligent Temperature Mode – detects ambient room temperature and controls airflow temperature to suit, especially useful in hot and humid weather conditions.
• Skin Care Mode – Delivers moisture rich nanoe™ particles to your face for a healthy, hydrated complexion.
• Scalp Care Mode – Gently dries your scalp with 50°C warm air.

The smooth sliding switch lets you easily adjust air volume with a light touch.
Sliding Switch

The handle is foldable so the dryer can be conveniently and compactly stored when not in use.
Foldable Handle

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Photo of Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer EH-NA98

Size and Weight


* Without nozzle (Height / Wide / Depth)
* Without nozzle/power cord (Weight)

Reduces Visible Hair Damage - Smooth, Soft & Shiny Hair with nanoe™ & Double Mineral technology

Total Moisturising Care with Hair, Scalp & Skin Modes

Salon-Style Pro Features - Quick Dry Nozzle, Intelligent Temperature Control


  • Yes

Mineral ion

  • Yes (Double Mineral)


  • 3 speeds
    4 modes
    Alternating Mode,
    Intelligent Temperature
    Control Mode,
    Scalp Care Mode,
    Skin Care Mode)

Cool Shot Button

  • Hot/Cold Alternating Mode

Wattage (at 240V)

  • 1800 W

Quick-dry nozzle

  • Yes (Built-in)


  • Yes


  • 220-240 V

Body size (W x H x D)

  • 90 x 226 x 210 mm (*1)


  • 502 g (*2)


  • (*1) Without nozzle
    (*2) Without nozzle/power cord



Photo of Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer EH-NA98

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