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ER-GK60 Body Groomer

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ER-GK60 Body Hair Trimmer for Men

Gentle, Easy Body Trimming

Debut of a new grooming tool for gentle, easy and close body hair grooming especially for sensitive areas.
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Groom Without Irritation

The GK60’s industry-first i-shape design makes the GK60 as fine as a precision tool. The slim, ergonomic shape makes the shaving of the hard-to-reach body regions soothingly easy – and also soft on your skin.
ER-60 Men's Body Groomer Protective Blades

Groom Close and Clean

For perfectionists, the GK60 men's body shaver shaves body hair down to a length of 0.1 mm. Unlike when using a safety razor, body hairs can be directly and easily removed without the need for shaving foam.
Groom Close and Clean

Groom While Proteting Skin

The tips of the protective attachment are rounded to be gentle to skin. And there’s a space of approx. 2mm between the attachment and the skin to enable a safe cutting without harming the soft skin in sensitive areas.
Groom While Proteting Skin

Groom and Style Your Way

Chest and leg hair can be trimmed to a desired length with the two comb attachments (3 and 6mm)
Groom and Style Your Way

High-tech Meets Tradition

The Japanese long sword of the Samurai, the Katana, was the inspiration for the development of innovative Panasonic blade technology. We have also combined craftsmanship and high-tech in grip design to give you the best men's body groomer in Australia.
High-tech Meets Tradition

Groom Wet or Dry

Enjoy the convenience of dry operation or use it in the shower. Allow water to flow freely through the unit for easy and hygienic maintenance.

Charging station
Due to the changing station, your GK60 is always ready to handle (battery takes about 40 minutes).
Groom Wet or Dry


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Groom hair everywhere
Designed for hard to reach areas

Groom close and gentle
Protective blade shaves to 0.1mm

Groom without mess
Wet/dry, for easy shower use

Model Number

  • ER-GK60-S


  • Yes

Power Source

  • RC

Charging Time

  • 240V : Approx. 8 hours 230V : Approx. 10 hours

Comb attachments

  • 2pcs(3mm,6mm)

Attachment for groin

  • Yes

Operating Time/Charge

  • 40 min

Charge Indicator Lamp

  • Yes

Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • Approx. 192 x 33 x 49 mm


  • 140 g

Battery Type

  • Ni-MH

Charging stand

  • Yes



Photo of ER-GK60 Body Groomer

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