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Hotel Claris 5 * GL, Barcelona

Hotel Claris 5 * GL (Barcelona)

Hotel refurbishment

System: ECOi 23u. outdoor (2 pipe and heat recovery)
Installed capacity: 761 kW
Engineering: RF2
Installer: IJT
Installation year: 2012

Housed in a building built in the year 1883, neoclassical style, was one of the first palaces that were built in one corner of the District of l'Eixample in Barcelona. The 5* Grand Luxe hotel, which opened its doors in 1992, integrates the façade of the old palace with a modern glass structure. In 2012 the building replaced its existing air-conditioning system with Panasonic’s ECOi system. The 120-room hotel also has a gallery of Egyptian art from the collection of Jordi Clos.

Challenge of the project
The challenge presented by this project was to replace an existing VRF system without affecting the normal activity of hotel. The main objectives were to reduce running costs, provide a more comfortable atmosphere with more precise temperature control, and quieter operation for guests. In addition, the property required excellent after-sales service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The solution
The heat recovery system is ideal for a hotel of this category. A smart combination of 2 pipe and heat recovery units significantly reduced the investment costs, without affecting the requirements of comfort. Thanks to the modularity of the system ECOi, the installation was performed plant-by-plant without affecting the normal activity of hotel.

The integrated system control was provided by the KNX/EIB interface and in addition, a central touch panel with web server (CZ-256ESMC2) was installed for centralized system control


ECOi Range (Electric VRF)

Outdoor Units:
ECOi Heat Recovery: 12 x U-14MF1E8
ECOi 2 Pipe: 1 x U-8ME1E8; 5 x U-10ME1E8; 2 x U-14ME1E8
Mini ECOi: 3 x U-6LE1E8

Indoor Units
Duct Type MM: 3 x S-22MM1E51; 60 x S-28MM1E51; 99 x S-36MM1E5; 27 x S-45MM1E5
Hi Static Pressure ME: 1 x S-73ME1E5; 6 x S-106ME1E5; 5 x S-140ME1E5; 1 x S-224ME1E5; 5 x S-280ME1E5
Ducted Standard MF: 1 x S-56MF1E5; 1 x S-140MF1E5
Ceiling MT: 3 x S-45MT1E5

Hard Wired Wall Controller: 233 x CZ-RTC2
Centralized Touch Screen: 1 x CZ-256ESMC2.

Connectivity and BMS:
Interface KNX/EIB: 2 x PAW-AC-KNX-128.

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