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Men's Wet & Dry Rechargeable Shaver

* 4-blade, multi-fit arc head
* Nano-polished blades with dual finishing foils
* Flexible pivoting head
* Washable for easy maintenance



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Four blades and a pivoting head offer a close, smooth shave

Whether you shave in the shower or on the go, the ES-RF41-S541 offers superior performance, as this 4-blade unit can shave wet or dry. It features outstanding blade technology and is washable for easy maintenance.

Four blades get the job done fast

Equipped with dual finishing foils, the 4-stage cutting system covers a larger surface area and is able to remove even the finest hairs in a single stroke. The four blades are housed within an ingenious flexible pivoting head, designed to follow the contours of your face for more efficient coverage and a comfortable shave.

The sharpest blades achieve the closest shave

Nano polished inner blades sharpened to a 30 degree knife edge are combined with a curved multi-arc shaving head, to provide the world’s sharpest shave, even in those difficult to reach places. Outer finishing foils protect the skin for a smooth finish.

So easy to maintain

The ES-RF41-S541 features rotating blades to draw in water and flush the hair clippings out, with a built-in miniature motor actively pressing out whiskers through thousands of vertical micro-impulses. Not only does this improve the durability of your shaver, it also guarantees the blades will be kept in hygienic condition.

30 Degree Knife Edge Blades

Nano polished, 30 degree knife edge blades provided the sharpest shave

Multi-fit Arc Head

Multi-fit arc head follows the contours of your face

Wet and Dry

Enjoy the convenience of shaving wet or dry

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