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Men's Wet & Dry Rechargeable Shaver

* Wet/dry technology
* Washable and easy maintenance
* New 3-blade flexible head
* Multi-stage battery indicator
* 13,000 rpm linear motor drive



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With this Pro-Curve Pivot Action Men's Shaver, you can shave when you need it, wherever you need it.

Shave in the shower or on the go. Waterproof, the ES8109 shaves either wet or dry for smooth, close, comfortable results.

The ES8109 is also washable for easy maintenance, improving hygiene and durability. Its rotating blades draw in water and flush the hair clippings with a built-in miniature motor actively pressing out whiskers through thousands of vertical micro-impulses.

The automatic self-cleaning and recharging system always keeps the shaver in great condition by cleaning, drying and charging the unit automatically.

The 3-blade Multi-flexible Active Head follows the contour of your face for efficient coverage and a more comfortable shave. It features the world's sharpest shave, a curved multi-fit arc shaving head with hypoallergenic stainless foil and 30° nano-edged inner blades to provide a clean, sharp and close shave.

A multi-stage LCD battery indicator ensures you can monitor your usage in 10 per cent increments and never be without power. It takes one hour to charge sufficiently for 45 minutes use.

The ES8109 has a 13,000 rpm direct linear motor drive for a smooth and powerful shave. With automatic speed control, it ensures maximum power from start to finish.

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