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14.4V Jig Saw

*Smooth, stable cutting
*Convenient features and compact design
*GuardION system
*Self-diagnostic universal battery charge



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The EY4541X has a low centre of gravity and low vibration design to deliver smooth and stable cutting.

The EY4541X delivers 2,400 strokes per minute and has a stroke length of 3/4 inches. The tool's 3-stage orbital action is ideal for cutting wood. It also has a bevel of 45 degrees. The tool uses T-shaped blades that eliminate the need for tools during a blade change. The convenient location of the trigger and safety switch lock lever permits safe and easy one-handed operation. The EY4541X is ideal for general construction and carpentry.

The EY4541X offers a full complement of convenience features including an LED Work Light that illuminates the work area when in use. The tool has an air blow function to keep the cutting line clear when in use. A no-mar base plate with built in dust collection is available as an accessory. The EY4541X is compact in size ( inches tall) and weighs only 4.8 lbs. The ergonomic in-line design delivers a comfortable contoured grip that allows for less fatigue over extended use.

The EY4541X is powered by a 3.0 ah Cobalt Li-ion battery pack. This battery pack delivers high output with low heat generation, resulting in twice the lifetime total performance versus current Ni-Cd battery packs. In addition the EY4541 utilises Panasonic's unique GuardION system. The GuardION system monitors each battery cell during battery charging and during tool use to prevent over-discharging and overheating of the battery pack thus insuring long life.

The EY4541X uses a self-diagnostic universal battery charge that monitors the condition of each battery cell in the battery pack during the charging process to deliver full charging with minimal heat generation. The charger will charge all Panasonic battery chemistries: Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and all voltages from 7.2-28.8 V. The 3.0 ah Li-ion battery pack fully charges in 50 minutes. The EY4541X is sold as a tool body only.

Tough Tool IP56

Panasonic power tools feature dust and water resistant technology, recognised under international protection standards.


Smooth, stable cutting
Convenient features and compact design
GuardION system

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