4K Post Focus in Lumix Cameras

4K Post Focus in Lumix Cameras

4K Post Focus in Lumix Cameras

In this video I’m going to show you how to set up and use the Lumix Post Focus mode that is available in their 4K cameras.

Let’s get started…. What the heck is 4K Post Focus?

Post Focus lets you choose the exact focal point you want, “after” you take the photo. In simple terms: you get to choose what part of the picture you want to be in focus — after you shoot

Post Focus records a series of photos taken at all the different focus points in your frame, and then creates a 4K video file from them.

So, When should you use Post Focus?

– 4K Post focus is intended to be used on stationary subjects.
– Use it if you aren’t sure what area of the image you want in focus.
– This eliminates the need to take multiple photos, as up to 45 captures will be taken of one frame.
– Post focus works in all the camera modes – Intelligent Auto mode, Program Mode, Aperture and Shutter Priority, and Manual.
– You can even use Post Focus in some of the creative colour filters — but not all of them.

In my own photography, I like to use Post Focus with shallow depth of field, to get a more dramatic difference between shots.

How to set it up:

If you have a Lumix 4K camera and you don’t see the “Post Focus” menu, you may have to update your firmware.

For this example I’m using Aperture priority mode and I’ve set my f-stop at 4.0.

So now let’s select some of those frames:
Unlike the other 4K Photo modes, I prefer to select the Post Focus shots “in the camera”, rather than on the computer.

You can also use the Focus Peaking feature to fine-tune your selections.

Concluding thoughts

As always, I recommend that you experiment with different subjects and shooting situations, to see how you can best take advantage of these new tools.

When you start using the 4K Photo modes there is probably going to be a shift in how you pre-plan your photo shoots. I know this has happened to me. So be open to all these new and creative possibilities.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments of this video.

You can find me, and the other Lumix Storytellers, at http://www.LumixStories.ca.

Have fun experimenting and creating with 4K Photo!