Creative Modes

Creative Modes

Creative Modes

Use your camera’s creative modes, and have more fun taking photos!

Since my switch from DSLR to mirrorless, I’ve enjoyed playing with the built-in creative JPEG features of my LUMIX cameras.

This is part of my goal to pre-process my JPEG photos in the camera, as opposed to opening each file and doing work on it. I find that I’m shooting raw files less and less, the more I learn the capabilities of my mirrorless cameras. And I’m having way more fun too!

It’s very creative and liberating to be able to create a final image in-camera!

In this age of Instagram, we are quite used to seeing highly-filtered photos. Sometimes these dramatic filters work, and sometimes not.

I recently bought a fun camera. A LUMIX GM1.

The GM1 has the same M4/3 size sensor as my LUMIX GH3 and also the new GH4, but it’s a puny little thing that easily fits into a coat pocket or purse. There is also the even newer LUMIX GM5, which is the same size, but doesn’t have a built-in flash.

A lot of people like using their cell phone cameras to take everyday photos.

I don’t. I like the creative control that a real camera gives. And I happen to think that the quality of the lenses on a traditional camera, are better than a cell phone. Yes I know, you can get apps to help with your cell phone photos, but they are clunky to use, and when you want to be spontaneous, you need a camera that is ready for action.

Creative Modes

And, I can hand this camera over to anyone to use, and I know that the photos will be great. Just like this one of me skateboarding.

Most of the time when shooting for fun with the LUMIX GM1, I’m using the Intelligent Auto Mode.Yup, 100% automatic. I can adjust exposure using exposure compensation (+/-) and the white balance by using a warm <–> cool slider.

Composition is key to good photography

This year I’m not worrying about technical stuff. And really at this point, I shouldn’t have to! Instead I’m solely concentrating on creating images with great composition, and I’m letting the cameras do their job!

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