Hitoshi Narawa

Hitoshi Narawa



About Hitoshi

As President of the Canadian organization, Hitoshi Narawa brings over two decades of experience globally across Panasonic. From sales and marketing to corporate planning and operational management, Hitoshi has been instrumental in driving Panasonic’s overall growth objectives.

Hitoshi began his career at Panasonic in 1996, working in Japan’s domestic marketing division before moving to Panasonic Russia in 2005. After two years, he returned to Panasonic Japan, and in 2012 was assigned as Manager of the Consumer Marketing Division of our Panasonic Appliances Company.

In 2014, Hitoshi relocated to Canada as PCI’s Director of Planning, where he managed the relationship between PCI and the respective factories in Japan to ensure consistent flow of new products. During his six years at PCI, Hitoshi gained in-depth knowledge of our organization, processes and structure and worked beyond the boundaries of each division for the greater benefit of PCI.

Immediately prior to his appointment as President, Hitoshi served Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) and Panasonic Operational Excellence of North America (PEXNA), leading the Corporate Planning Department. In this role he tirelessly supported both PNA & Panasonic Corporation’s leadership in developing and implementing new business plans, supporting all pivotal corporate management decisions, and establishing transformational business strategies.

Outside of the office, Hitoshi enjoys taking long drives and looks forward to exploring a variety of scenic routes across Canada’s vast geography.

Quote: “I like to approach each day by starting anew. This means pausing to consider if and why we are repeating how we are doing things. When we start each day as new, we are more likely to see opportunities for movement and changes. I look forward to applying this approach and building on Panasonic’s lasting legacy in Canada.”

One word that best describes Hitoshi: Agile