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Fog Projection Applications for Entertainment and Marketing

Published: 6 March 2024

By projecting videos and images onto a fog screen, audiences and customers can enjoy and interact with captivating illusions suspended in mid-air. Adding this special effect to your entertainment or marketing activities can uniquely engage the audience. But what exactly is a fog projector screen, how does it operate, and how does it elevate the entertainment experience? Read on to find out more.

What Is Fog Projection and How Does It Work?

Fog projection uses fog or mist machines to produce a controlled, semi-transparent wall of mist that acts as a screen for image projection.

The mist particles are suspended in air, giving the illusion of a screenless display that sets it apart from traditional fixed or framed projection screens. High-quality mist machines let you control the mist’s density and the number and angle of the nozzles to create a customized screen that matches the projector’s position and room limitations to achieve ideal results.

Both images and videos can be used for fog projection, with the result typically being a 2D illusion. However, mastering projection techniques makes it possible to produce 3D effects as well. When creating professional fog projections, both the quality of the mist machine and the projector determine the final clarity of the projected image or video.

Fog Projection Applications

Fog projector screens, or fog curtains, can be adapted to enhance a variety of applications.


Fog projection is regularly used in the entertainment industry, whether in live performances, concerts, theatrical and film productions, theme parks, museums, or art galleries. Incorporating fog screens in your events or productions helps enhance the visual effects and create a memorable impression. 

In live performances and concerts, images and videos can be projected onto fog screens to act as a background for the event stage, elevating the overall experience. In other settings like art galleries and museums, fog projector screens can be used to create interactive art installations.


Finding innovative ways to create brand awareness often relies on embracing different technologies to develop captivating advertisements for wider audience reach. Fog projection can play an effective role in connecting with customers and is versatile in its ability to evoke different emotions depending on the staging and projected content.

Furthermore, fog projector screens provide a uniquely immersive experience without sacrificing appealing visuals and are easily set up in high-congregation areas at trade shows, product launches, or any public event, indoors or outdoors.

Immersive Experiences

Unlike traditional projector screens, fog projector screens are nearly transparent, making the projected videos or images seem to be magically suspended on their own. By combining fog projection with other stage effects, digital projections can seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. 

For example, theme park attractions and illusion shows often use this special effect, along with background sound effects and lighting, to create a fully immersive experience.

Benefits of Fog Projection

Fog projection offers numerous advantages over traditional projection effects in the entertainment industry.

Enhanced Visual Effects

Fog projector screens remove the limitations of obscuring the view behind the screen or lessening the impact of the surrounding environment that traditional and LED/LCD screens create.

In addition, various 3D effects can be emulated by customizing the volume and density of the mist to give the projection dimension and depth. The “screenless” effect also adds to the projection’s visual appeal, making it appear more lifelike.

High Visibility and Impact

While DIY fog projection setups can be lackluster, using professional equipment ensures a high-impact presentation of the projected content. In addition, it offers limitless opportunities for turning any open space in nearly any location into a creative canvas.

Immersive Experience for Audiences

Creating a lifetime experience for the audience can be achieved by customizing fog screen projections to respond to audience movements.

Professional mist machines are often compatible with DMX-controlled environments, where the output settings can be synchronized with lighting setups and other special effects. When used in tandem with motion sensors and projection software, it is possible to program the fog screen projections to change or vary the fog density to create different atmospheric effects when triggered by specific audience gestures like clapping.

Potential Challenges of Fog Projection

Fog projection has some limitations.

  • Cost: Professional fog projector screens often have a high upfront cost and additional ongoing operational expenses.

  • Maintenance: Fog projector screens often require high maintenance to ensure functionality.

Despite the limitations mentioned above, these machines provide safe, immersive experiences.

Panasonic Fog Projection Solutions

Panasonic’s versatile misting system is unique in its ability to provide customizable fog projection screens that are safe, low-maintenance, and highly functional. Utilizing “Silky Fine Mist” technology, ultra-fine water particles are produced through unique pneumatic nozzles that are 20 percent quieter than conventional twin-fluid nozzles and about 50 percent more energy efficient.

In addition, Panasonic’s misting system produces mist under low pressure, reducing water consumption compared to other misting systems. This cutting-edge technology ensures an effective and efficient fog screen while saving on operational expenses.

The system's use of compressed air and pure, pressurized tap water instead of special fog fluids to create the mist results in minimal equipment maintenance (with no required water treatment) and a safer experience for the audience, equipment, and the environment.

In addition, the DMX interface of Panasonic’s misting system provides smooth operation and integration with other special effects equipment and lighting, allowing for precise synchronization. The customizable mist density can be easily controlled to create the ideal fog curtain for image projection.

Panasonic Misting System Case Studies

The following case studies show some of the real-world applications for which Panasonic’s misting system has been used to create fog projections.

Expo 2020 Dubai-Japan Pavilion

Monet's painting is projected onto the path to the castle tower of Kochi Castle using a projector, and the light is diffused by mist.

Panasonic’s misting system created a fog projection screen in the Japan Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai as part of an environment that blurred the boundary between reality and the virtual world.

2021 Nijo Castle Summer Festival

A 20m long dome built in a museum in Milan

Panasonic’s misting system was used as a fog screen at Kyoto’s Nijo Castle while projecting images onto the castle’s walls.

Kaiju no Sumika

A family of four enjoys playing in the yard.

In this application, Panasonic’s misting system was combined with lasers and other illuminations to create illusions of space-time distortion.

Engage Your Audience with Panasonic’s Fog Projector Screen Technology

Reliable mist equipment is vital in creating fog projector screens that are capable of transforming entertainment experiences. Panasonic’s innovative misting system technology for projection special effects offers high-end results and unique customizability. Contact us to take advantage of our misting system and elevate your fog projections for a more entertaining and engaging experience.

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